I think all things considered ...

Dan Winter is actually talking about a kind of trans-humanism, only in a way that can be understood through physics and technology, plus it has a spiritual sense of understanding also. I'm thinking that technology or lack of (which really is just applied discovery, knowledge, understanding and preferably wisdom) is what, up to now, we have referred to as magic, spirit, angel, demon, scary "half human-half something else" or even God.


Hi everyone. I don't get online much here except on my small tablet, but it seems everyone is doing pretty well.


Life is good right now. I just wanted to say thanks to the community for eve

Moon Videos

Hi guys, these were too interesting so I had to post.  The wave passing over the moon is fascinating and may explain why we never see anything on its surface.  I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen any really clear pictures or videos of the moon's surface, there always seems to be a fuzzy residual effect like in this guy's video if I remember right.  Love to hear your thoughts:

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