Hay ... You ... Guys!!!! I love you Chunk.

Hey this is cool! Kinna hard to watch.

This came from dan winter in a video I was watching.

I been thinking about this lately too! Russell said it's all reflecting mirrors. The lights not moving, it appears to move, it's all reflection from the one true action of thought taking place in the center (0) point fulcrum of still white magnetic light. Makes sense and with the concave - convexes of the vesica piscis, wa la, information lenses.

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Saw this too...I was wondering if I could try using a cylinder for my remote viewing tasks. Here's a young guy who's tried it.



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  I want to try that,,but I have never seen aluminum in the form of a sheet,,I will ask around,,,aluminum is expensive  to make,and a nasty process. Imagine if we were all experimenting like him,,what we might find!

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Very interesting, reminds me of the rusian experiments with pyramids as well.

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