A Guide for the Advanced Soul

My older brother Pete gave me this book at the begining of this century, it's pages of quotes of an inspirational nature, felt I would share todays (Sunday 28th February)


The snow goose

  need not bathe

     to make itself white,

        Neither need you

           do anything

               but be yourself


on the giving of a gift

I spent the Friday before Valentine's Day in a classroom of kindergartners with my grandson. I had cut out each of their handprints to open as though they were holding a heart and had come to help make Valentines.  Show and tell is the first thing they do from their 'circle' sitting together cross-legged on the floor in much the same fashion as our ancestors would have before a fire. 

Is there anything? Everyone knows.

Is there anything that can be said of the "collective" (aka, humanity), that could not be denied by the normal individual (aka, a human).

Help me make this make sense.

What is something a human can know, that is known collectively? I guess consciously or unconsciously as far as the collective goes.

Would emotion be one. I guess warmth, sight, sound, existance, death, life ... comfort? ... pain

Ok or wait, should it be what could be known collectively ... Nevermind


The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa

Firstly for those that don't know Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) is New Zealands indigenous name, although all that live here arrived initially by boat, so there are no indigenous people just first arrivers Moriori (Chatham Islands) also thought to have been driven off N.Z. by the Maori who where here when the first colonisers came.

The Flora of N.Z. is unique in the world, there are hundreds of plants that are only found here, with that said the video is a short intrduction to The First Light Essences of New Zealand.

Embracing Autism: Journalist Ron Suskind on Supporting His Son's Strengths, Advice for Other Parents

What a great story and documentary this is!!!

In the new film "Life, Animated," Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind recounts his experience with his son Owen Suskind, who was diagnosed with regressive autism when he was three years old and has since gone to college and now holds two jobs. Elaborating on his best-selling book, "Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism,"

This sparked a lot of Emotion in me ...

I'm still workin on sortin it, so I'm not sure where to go with it, but, and I'm talking about, the emotion this clip brought up in me, is great, direct and undeniably jam packed with pointed indicators about something, that seems to be somewhere, way way deep down, within my soul.

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