The Soft Megamachine

Lewis Mumford wrote The Myth of the Machine, looking at past cultures to see how we got to where we are today in what he calls The Megamachine.  Really interesting to follow the development of centralized patriarchal-based cultural development, towns, cities, states, etc.

This reminded me of that paper that was circulating back in circa 2008 called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, how computers made it possible for the elite in the Megamachine mindset to mathematically fine tune and adjust said machine.

Bruce Lipton

Bruce, as usual, can get right down into an understanding and clarity of evolving biology. I get a little impatient with the interviewer but really he does a fine job also. This gets it started. Watch all three

Very interesting Elon Musk Tesla Ceo Alien haha !!

Realizing We Exist in a Simulation

As we enter the realms of science and pseudoscience, we realize that the quest (mission) is, and always has been, to figure out (remember) who we are and why we are here. Each of us is programmed to discover that truth in our own way. The age of technology was set in motion in the consciousness grids to help souls figure it out.



Elon Musk: Reality is a Simulation


Russell Brand, Living Example of Peaceful Noncompliance

The following video, Paxman vs. Russell Brand, is an excellent and inspiring display of peaceful noncompliance in action by a not so ordinary commonwealth citizen.

I am posting it after watching an excellent 5 minute video that Noa posted on the Donald Drumpf forum post that so perfectly transcends all partisan politics worldwide, and speaks to a groundswell organic grass roots movement that will ultimately overwhelm the current unresponsive political systems on this planet.  You Go Russell!!

A Cautionary Tale

In a moment of synchronicity I stumbled upon a story about Trump, about his golf course project in Aberdeen, Scotland.  I say synchronicity because I have never watched Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and have never had any inclination to, but when I turned on the TV Saturday morning it just happened to be on the channel that was showing Real Sports with BG, and just at the part in the show when the Trump segment was in progress.

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