Transformation course summed up in 1 picture?

Hi All,

I hope I can manage to attach this picture. I think it's great!

Sorry, It shows up when I go to edit this message but then disappears when I post it.

It is a picture of a cylinder with a blue light shining through it and and projecting a blue circle on the screen behind it. There is also a red light shining on it from it's side, projecting a red circle with the rectangular side view of the cylinder casting a black rectangle on another screen. Both perspectives are true and yet very different.

Q. Is the future bleak?

I think maybe my disbelief in chemtrails could be due to a fear to admit that the world is a worse place than I want it to be. It takes a lot to dislodge me from my usually more positive view of human nature and more positive view of my country and the world. I often see the discussions at the Gspot as being fearful at times. My fear: If chemtrails are really a widespread poisoning of us all then we are seriously screwed.

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