Looking within Ourselves to find God

You know. I was thinking. When it comes to life. I think we are all meant to be our own shepards. We look outside of ourself for help, for love, for whatever we need. Which to an extent is good. I think we need to work together. It's apart of our nature, survival, and history to work together. But I think we globally need to start being more independent. You know like as long as I do this or that I will be okay because others opinions matter more than my own.

It's a COWspiracy!?!?!?

Hey everyone! 

I just watched a SUPER AWESOME documentary on how our current eating habits and agricultural practices are the leading cause of damage done to our Mother Earth. 

Its available on Netflix the name of it is Cowspiracy. You can also visit the website

The Untangled Gathering: AI & Mind Control Symposium

Hi All! 

This conference call really impressed me as it covers so many of the topics usually discussed here.  While going into the AI subject, which I really knew nothing about yet has been creating so much buzz lately, these fine folks get into it about so much more and really break it down into a nicely digestible morsels.  While some of the subject matter can be a bit frightening - AI, black goo, nanotech in chemtrails - the overall feeling it instilled was very empowering.  And this man Harold is a cornucopia of physics and occult knowledge.

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