Off The Grid

True Activist

Lasqueti is a secret Canadian island where the vast majority of residents are completely off-grid.

Just One Hour From Vancouver There Is A Secret Island Where Everyone Lives Completely Off-grid

Chemtrail Whistleblower

I don't know if you've all seen this already but I seemed to have missed it.  This pilot appears to be risking a lot by talking:

Information below was received by the cousin of an actual pilot who flies chemtrail jets and is working on the inside.  The operation is known to pilots and aviation crew alike as ‘Indigo Skyfold’.

Right to fight

If I have disdain for the opposition and I am perfectly happy with my point of view, then I have the right to stand up for and fight for that happiness. All the while, shrinking my universe to the size of my knowledge and understanding. What a fool I am.

A worthy read

I have been finding these posts from Bradley Loves to be worthy reading the last couple days, and they come with some decent videos as well.  I started in Part 2, which was a great place to start, so that's what I'm posting here but the rest are available if you find it interesting:

and here's a link to some of the videos:

A little help

Hi all,

I've been having trouble getting to the website for the last three days.  I read recently that the UK was going to begin censoring esoteric sites so I was wondering if there was some connection there, though my computer has been acting a little strange lately.  Could someone out there please go to that website and let me know if it's still there, or if the problem is just on my end?  Thanks.

Climate and what follows us

 I believe scientists who declare we humans are causal in the world wide effects on climate. For those who believe scientists are foisting a diabolical conspiracy on us to raise taxes to enslave us I say they're full of it. I can't think of a more diverse group of sticklers for the truth than scientists. There is no even split in opinion either as some media try to portray the microscopic minority. Something like 95% to 99% of climate and atmospheric researchers agree it's us and it's the 11th hour for action.

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