Transferring the depth of being

How can word encompass the depth of being? They are wholly inadequate at the task of transferring such infinity... Only when we align, when beings tune to eachother does union/communion arrive. We leave that state? we forget the language of being as one... as being together. Then we experience the being of separate......................... There is oneness and the barriers to block it, wispering threw the cracks Love You


and here is a song


I don't know what I'm going to say yet, so I'm just letting my fingers do the talking for me.  Recently I have had another bout with mania and the doctors keep telling me that depression will follow.  I say screw you, you don't know me and am yet to cross that bridge.


I think that every bout brings me closer to my true self and as of late, the doctors have decided to trust me more than ever.  They are actually listening to what I have to say rather than forcing unwanted drugs down my throat with the help of my family and friends.


Ferguson Police and Isis

I know this might sound bad, but I just wanted to use that title to get you to read this.  I love you.  Not the backdrop you in my subjective you.  I love the objective you.  The one that has their own reality and viewpoint.  If you want to talk about those topics, you can, but I'd prefer a message of peace and love.  Sorry for the intrusion. 


P.S.  Starmonkey, I'd expecting something good from you. 


P.P.S.  Anyone ever hear from Fairyfarmgirl or EyeJay any more?

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