Decisions = Divisions

Divide and conquer as the old saying goes, all they are really doing is to help many more of our countrymen catch glimpses of wakefullness from the dreaming world we are all in.


As your country is being split by the great DONALD so to our country is split because of a FLAG!!!!!!!



what do you have to offer?

a great site I've just come across with so many short video's that I can't even pick the one I like the let's start with this   (5 minutes for the first two)

and maybe this        

an hour and 1/2 or more on this one


What has 4 teeth and 200 hands? The front row of a Willy Nelson concert. 

Exposing Donald J. "DRUMPF" Trump

Last night John Oliver did an excellent job exposing the real Donald J. Trump, along with revealing his real family name, "Drumpf", that was changed a few generations ago for obvious reasons.  The following link has the video of last night's show.

Please share with whoever you might know that is being drawn in by this pathological egomaniac (or maybe we should stay quiet and let dumbed down Unawted States of uh-murica vote for someone who truly represents the utterly ridiculous state of the divided and conquered union?)...

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