For all who love and have loved dearly, Over and Over Again

cant get the darn video to embed, so here's the link to Nathan Sykes beautifully touching song,

Over and Over Again

Nathan Sykes - Over And Over Again - YouTube

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I feel I've heard this sound or feeling also expressed as "haunting" before. It prompts me, to express what this song manifests, as "spooky action at a distance." Love it.

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Touching indeed over vast divides, beliefs, intelegences, cultures, consciousnesses ... it touches and connects all who leave it to.

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To know love in the way this song speaks of a world so filled with impermanent things, where so little seems to last, where media portrays sexuality as indifferent and unnecessary to love, where pornography sometimes replaces relationship...this is such a beautifully poignant reminder of the beauty in true relationship one to another...

I have been fortunate to have a man that loves me like this.  We are blessed.

"All we need is Love, Love is all we need."  So beautiful. Thank You.

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        I have always wondered if we love the same people over many lifetimes. The way the vid plays out reminds me of my grandmother,who died of a broken heart soon after my grandfather died.

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It is part of my belief that we travel with the same Soul group(s) through many many lives as we perfect and purify our own until we can walk on water and do the works of a that makes you part of mine to some degree or another. Thank you for your presence in this moment.  

So blessings this day unto each of you.  May love expand from within and all around you, may you always know you are never alone, may you look someone deeply in the eyes today, and may you know we are all great big Love.           kristyne

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Thanks for sharing!

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Just finished singing along again, practicing for our next karaoke jam session, and I can't get through without tearing up and getting choked up.  and then on the video you see the paint brush drop to the floor from the old widow's hand and I just lose it.

I can't remember the last time Love was so perfectly interpreted in song and picture...

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         It was a great piece of work, and connected it to the afterlife for me. Something else about the woman painting her life story. Her faces and expressions were so pure, she was truly living it,,or..reliving it!

      Has anyone here ever sat down and written their life story? I got the idea from an old workshop I did where we all faked each other's funerals,maybe you've heard of that one..  I did it 3 years ago during the spring festival in china(new  years holiday), which is happening right now. I gotta tell you, I was alone on a huge campus for a month,only leaving to find food every couple of days, and I experienced the same feelings I saw on that woman's face in the video,,,over and over.I wrote it as an observer, and it turned into a book,ha! Amazing experience,,,but,,,no ending!

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