The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa

Firstly for those that don't know Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud) is New Zealands indigenous name, although all that live here arrived initially by boat, so there are no indigenous people just first arrivers Moriori (Chatham Islands) also thought to have been driven off N.Z. by the Maori who where here when the first colonisers came.

The Flora of N.Z. is unique in the world, there are hundreds of plants that are only found here, with that said the video is a short intrduction to The First Light Essences of New Zealand.

I will be doing a diploma course with them, so I can utilise the healing benefits fully.

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Excellent, echoes some of the teachings related to herbal medicine here as well as similiar concepts of shamanism and spiritual aspects of dis-ease.  I really believe 'the Mother' has provided everything we need here and usually within the boundaries of the area we live, can be found a plant medicine for just about anything that 'ails' you.  The more I learn the more I am amazed (and realize how much more I have to learn).

Though flower essences are usually a simple distillation of the flower and water in sunlight rather than tisanes, decoctions and tinctures as most herbal medicines are-so a bit different. Watched 'The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa - Part 1: The Remarkable Spiritual Qualities of New Zealand Native Plants.; as well and will be checking more out as my time allows.  Thanks for putting us on to this. 

NZ surely looks like a beautiful place to be Ian. Keep us posted as your learning commences.  I've had much good come from my 'kitchen herbalism' - I'd love to find the time to formally study and may do so when my grandson needs less of my time. 

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