A Guide for the Advanced Soul

My older brother Pete gave me this book at the begining of this century, it's pages of quotes of an inspirational nature, felt I would share todays (Sunday 28th February)


The snow goose

  need not bathe

     to make itself white,

        Neither need you

           do anything

               but be yourself



Have an awesome day all................



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This one is for all the 'old souls' now returning as our grandchildren-so I'm sending it for you and your beautiful grandson Ian.  I'm not sure where I ran across this, but I'm teaching it to my grandson as well. Imagine me singing (umm ok maybe not...pick your favorite songstress then)

Twinkle twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are...up above the world so high...like a diamond in the sky...

Giant thermo-nuclear reaction, held by gravitational attraction ...twinkle twinkle Little Star, you look small 'cause you're so far.

As you burn thru constant fusion...twinkling is an optical illusion...happening when your Light gets near...distorted by our atmosphere.

Twinkle twinkle Little Star...spreading Light and heat so far.

I end with (child's name) is my shining star, twinkle brightly wherever you are.

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That is just so appropriate, I will have fun re-learning the rhyme LOL

Big Hugs

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   Man,I wish I got  the book as a gift.  I got a calendar, so it only lasted a year!

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Synchronisity I am home from work and this is the first youtube clip I watched Surprised


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More synchronisity, this is obviously taking me on a journey. Love it when we feel so connected to all and each other LaughingKissInnocent

Matter will be created from STARS light, or maybe lets just call it Stardust


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