Russell Brand, Living Example of Peaceful Noncompliance

The following video, Paxman vs. Russell Brand, is an excellent and inspiring display of peaceful noncompliance in action by a not so ordinary commonwealth citizen.

I am posting it after watching an excellent 5 minute video that Noa posted on the Donald Drumpf forum post that so perfectly transcends all partisan politics worldwide, and speaks to a groundswell organic grass roots movement that will ultimately overwhelm the current unresponsive political systems on this planet.  You Go Russell!!

Paxman vs Russell Brand - full interview - BBC Newsnight - YouTube

and this one's good too on The View

Russell Brand Interview On The View 2014 - YouTube

and this one

Russell Brand's Revolution | msnbc - YouTube

and these 2 on Transformation & Awakening

Russell Brand - Awakened Man - YouTube

Full Length - Mind Shift: Enlightening Our Global Culture w/ Russell Brand & Eve Ensler - YouTube

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     That"s the best rant I have ever heard from him,,a full 10 minutes! So, he is also attracting a lot of pissed off people. If we could magicly replace Trump with Russel, we'd have something real going on!

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I heard one source say that it's already a done deal -- Hillary is the Dem candidate and Trump is the best of the Repubs.  Oh, horror of horrors!  Maybe this will finally wake people up into realizing that voting for the "lesser of two evils" is not democracy at all.  Maybe now that we're faced with such pathetic "choices," this is the time when people will stop participating in this charade. Maybe this debacle could actually turn out to be a good thing for all of us.

Q.  What if they held an election and no one came? 

A.  The system would have to change... overnight.

We, the people, have more power than we realize.  Let's do the country a favor and exercise our right NOT to vote.


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Ralph Nader was on Democracy Now this morning and is a perfect fit for this forum conversation.

He so rules!

Would love to see a world where he and Russell were at least welcome council for an attentive president and congress.

Nader: The U.S. Political & Media System Is Designed to Obstruct, Silence Third-Party Candidates | Democracy Now!

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   How is it that Hillary is even in the race?  I have never heard of this judge, orher show, stumbled on this yesterday afternoon,,,haha! And it's on fox news! The fact that Hillary is even in the race is more ridiculous than Trump being in it...

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I voted for Nader the last time he ran, and if he ran again, he'd get my vote (though the ptb would screw with it some way or other).  I've stopped giving my energy to this election and election process in any way shape or form, choosing instead to envision a world where Trump and Hillary being the 'best' candidates couldn't possibly even exist!! There is no shapeshifting I could have done to dream up this one.

Turning my thoughts to real world matters that 'matter' and I can actually do something about, since the shits so deep regarding both parties, the electoral college, and the 'candidates' themselves that my shovel just ain't big enough! Russell gets a thumbs up from me as well.

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Friends in high places "trumps" democracy and justice!

News at 11.......  NOT!

Can you say "conflict of interest"?

Sure, ah new ya could...

Can you say "business as usual by the usual suspects and business is good"?

Sure, ah new ya coooouuuuld...........

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This article is good for attempting to understand the Trump phenomenon and the possibility that the United States is moving toward a totalitarian bent.

Why the 2016 election cycle could be the start of a totalitarian strain in U.S. politics -

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Trump likes to say "Crooked Hillary" which is certainly fitting, but maybe a more appropriate nickname is "Slippery Hillary".  It is sad to think that the potentially first woman POTUS will simply prove that women can be just as dishonest, unethical and ruthless as any man.

I say slippery because we are all currently wondering if she will be indicted for the private server scandal, but she has slipped out of the grasp of all other charges to date, so why would this episode be any different?

I had always thought that more women in all three branches of government could only improve the behavior of government, and to a large degree still do, but Hillary is definitely not helping the cause of that theory.

The following documentary covers the history of her behavior and actions in her public service life to date.  One might think that it is Bill Clinton who is the primary driver of the Clinton agenda and dynasty all these years, but one would be wrong.  The movie Primary Colors subtly reveals this fact.

And just so everyone knows prior to viewing, this doc relies heavily on established verifiable facts on record and reliable testimony of personal experiences.  To be fair, what is revealed is to a large degree "business as usual" in the world of politics.  But geeze, some are obviously made for that world of corruption and expedient lies!

Hillary Clinton Still More Evil Than Exposed in This 2008 Banned From Theater Film - YouTube

to borrow slightly from General Beringer in the movie War Games,

after very careful consideration, I've come to the conclusion that this 2016 presidential election cycle sucks!

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