Looking for Transformation

I do so hope that there is an army of people out there right now, when it feels like it's the darkest hour before the dawn, each doing it's small part to move the sun one more inch toward arising and flooding the earth with abundance, happiness, justice, peace and truth.

I know Cunthia McKinney is definitely one of those people.

Want to participate in the Winter Feast for the Soul -- happening now, for 40 days?

Starting today, January 15, through February 23 (40 days), people from all over the world and from many different spiritual/religious disciplines are taking part in an activity that will help to transform the world by transforming themselves.  It's an invitation to commit to doing 40 minutes of some sort of spiritual practice or activity (whether it be meditation, prayer, yoga, tai-chi, walking in nature, or just about anything else that lifts and nourishes the spirit) -- whether all at once or broken up into shorter periods.

The Power of Emotions, the Veil, and a Map of Transformation

The Power of Emotions, the Veil, and a Map of Transformation

Just three days ago, I put out a sincere prayer to be able to more fully access any emotions I have suppressed or denied in my life. Today in the Bikram yoga class, I was given powerful information that I have no doubt will help lead me there. The inspirations I received also for the first time give me a beautiful, expansive map which naturally guides towards personal and universal transformation. Way cool!!!

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