Cynthia McKinney

Looking for Transformation

I do so hope that there is an army of people out there right now, when it feels like it's the darkest hour before the dawn, each doing it's small part to move the sun one more inch toward arising and flooding the earth with abundance, happiness, justice, peace and truth.

I know Cunthia McKinney is definitely one of those people.

Cynthia McKinney warns of Soros attempt to take over OWS

I support all of the occupy movements.  This is what we think we've been waiting for.  But, we must not be tricked, bamboozeld, or fooled as innocent people were with the Libya lies.  Therefore, the occupy teams must learn the lessons of the Tea Party so as to prevent being  coopted.  This piece from Wayne Madsen warns of the dangers and needs to be posted everywhere because it is a warning:

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