Iboga in the usa? person in need of help advice appreciated :)

Hello all is been a while...

I have a friend that's been stuggling with an opiate addiction...

We have done indepth research on Iboga--> very amazing.

It seems very difficult to get cosidering its status in the usa as a # 1 prohibited drug, does anyone know a work around or If there are iboga clinics in Usa that operate a loop whole or something... or is traveling abroad the only way??? 

Thank you

a cure for 'what ails ya'

Since I'm still having trouble inserting images, I've added a link to what is maybe the best 'ad' I've seen in along while.  I hope you'll take a minute to view. it's a gentle reminder of something we really need and sometimes don't get enough of!  Enjoy-and remember!  love, kristyne


How to Turn Cellphone Towers into Life Force Generators

Lately, I'm seeing quite a few people here talking about their bouts with depression and/or intolerance to negative news and the general malaise of the world.  The best antidote for depression, I believe, is hope; hope can be generated by taking back your power.  One way to do that is by "gifting" orgonite within your community. 

How pain is my close loving friend that helps me heal :)

Emotional Searching.... the art / practice of diving into them in seeking to understand rather then running away, hiding, disconnecting from them, or getting lost in them,

Sometimes one may feel a discomfort/pain, a sadness, hate, anger... often times theses feelings are disliked, so often the impulse is to get away from it...

the question i pose thou is what is this *"it"* your getting away from ???

the feeling? well where is the feeling coming from?? is it coming from yourself???

Healing in the 9/11 truth movement

We Are Change UK did an excellent job with this interview and I thought this was a wonderful example of the beginnings of healing with the 9/11 truth movement. We Are Change began in NYC with Luke Rodowski basically using ambush journalism to "get" interviews with various people who probably had involvement in the 9/11 attacks or their cover-up. I don't want to criticize Luke because I think when he began the movement, we were all weirded out by what happened and just getting people to look at the information was difficult.

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