Supra-Consciousness: Human Transformation, Earth Changes & the New World by Angelika Whitecliff

"Change without Chains"

Angelika Whitecliff is absolutely brilliant in presenting and describing the evolutionary changes taking place in humankind.  Fred, this may be one for somewhere in the lessons...  A masterful thesis revealing why the revolution, the real revolution, will not be televised...

Spiritual Eyes

"The spiritual eyes see beneath all physical matter to the place where everything in the universe is interconnected in a divine cosmic dance. When I see, express, and interact in harmony with the vision of my spiritual eyes, transformation flows and miracles happen."
   --   From inspiring essay titled Spiritual Eyes by Fred Burks

Spiritual Eyes

the 'we' in 'me'

Dear friends,

Below is a message I just sent to all my personal friends and family.  I thought you should also get it.

With much love.



Dear friends and family,

This will probably sound a bit weird to some of you but I think you'll find it interesting.

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