Inelia Benz on the Big Shift -- August 2011 set the stage for 2012

Spaceship Earth - and YOU are the captain.

by Inelia Benz

The shift has reached it's final stage... now it is up to you.

On the week of the 22nd to the 28th of August 2011, I was kindly asked by Source to step outside.  This doesn't happen often, it is rare, and normally lasts a few minutes, hours, or at the most a couple of days.  This time, it lasted a whole week.

What does this mean? It means that I leave a "place holder" in this reality matrix, but I, the being, steps outside.  The body, subtle bodies, and "awareness" stay, but it is like watching a movie, or a car driving on the highway, which one's body is driving, but one is watching it from afar.

As I observed "reality" from the outside, I could sense big shifts happening, enormous changes, the walls between dimensions becoming thin, my "human" perceptions could detect movement, lights and shadows.

Then, I was asked to return.  And the news is big.

At the same time, my friend Lucia Rene, a top ass-kicking mystic, sent her newsletter out.  In the newsletter she expressed her feeling of leaving behind the old world, and entering the new.   She wrote:

"Have you seen the movie The Lord of the Rings or read Tolkien’s wonderful trilogy of that name?  If so, perhaps you remember one of the last scenes where the elves, Bilbo, Frodo, and Gandalf get on a pretty wooden boat, sail out of the harbor, and disappear from view.  They leave for a new world.  “That’s it,” I thought.  “That moment in the film captures the feeling perfectly!”

It’s as though I’ve gotten on a boat and am sailing out toward the unknown.  The unknown isn’t scary.  It’s actually quite peaceful.  It holds the sense of returning to something long forgotten." Lucia Rene

I knew something was up, big time, but did not understand what had happened, as I was outside, and why had I been taken out of the picture while it was happening?

Lucia and I had discussion about it.  And while we talked about what each of us had experienced, I realized the truth.

As she calls it, the Splitting of the Worlds.  This event, mentioned by so many, awaited by millions, mentioned in religions and cultures around the world, had happened.  That much I knew.

The souls divided between light and dark, awakened and asleep, aware and blind.

What I realized, was the reason I was taken out of the equation was two fold.

One, this is  not my game, I am just here to raise the level of vibration of the planet, including the collective.  I do not choose the outcome of the collective, or its individual members, the collective does that.  Yet, I did not agree with this outcome.  I wanted, yes, I really wanted, for all human beings to be lifted in their vibration for them to wake up enough that they make an educated choice.  But that did not happen.  An agreement was struck roughly a year ago, about what happens with those who did not wake up enough to make a choice.  The agreement was that the "dark side" take them into their new reality.  The reality where enslavement, pain, suffering and fear reign.  Why? Because there is something in the game called "free will".  The population was informed, and if an individual decides to ignore that information, it means they do not want to know.  It means someone else can make a decision for them.

Secondly, the movement of those billions of souls into darkness would have been too painful for me to "experience" and survive in human form.

My heart ached.  And I was surprised... I didn't think I would feel it. It is what the collective wants, after all. But my physical and subtle bodies feel the loss.  Is it ego? Perhaps.

This sadness, deep sorrow, I felt it once before.  A few weeks back I was in touch with the consciousness of the Lemurian collective.  And that was what they expressed. At the time I understood that back in Earth history a splitting had happened and that the sadness the Lemurians felt was from leaving their brethren behind, all those humans that did not awaken.  And, what we call the "middle Earth", is that Earth that moved on, into a higher vibration, occupying the same location, but a different space/time vibration.

And it has happened again.

What we are experiencing now, this week, the presence of fear, darkness, war, famine, suffering, and sleepers, is the "shadow" of the previous reality. The only way to remove it is to process fear and inject light and love into the planet, BIG TIME. Big events, such as the hurricane in NY, and the Elenin comet, that were "supposed" to make a mess of certain areas of the planet, have frizzled away to not much at all.  The Fear Machine, is failing. The human spirit wins.  In the next 3 generations, the sleepers and their masters will leave our planet as they live out their lives, and will not be able to return. What happens during those years, is up to us.

Now for the important information.  How do you, as an individual, steer the Ship?  Because you can, you see.

Learn the rules.  And the first, and most important rule to learn, is that whatever happens on the planet, or in your life, cannot happen if you do not agree with it. And everything that happens, happens because you either agree with it, or do not cast a vote.

It is not up to me to choose whether those billions of sleepers are carried by us, forced to wake up, or left to their choice of wanting to stay asleep, not responsible for their actions, and let the "dark" take responsibility for them as they take them into a denser, darker Earth.

It is not up to me to decide how fast we remove the shadows and step fully into the new, higher vibrational, reality. Why wait 3 generations when we could have it in 3 months?  We decide. We decide what we agree with and what we don't agree with.

We all cast our vote.

So here is what we do, here is how we cast our vote:

Choose a person, situation, location, personal topic, or worldwide event, that you do not agree with.  Then, draw a red circle around it, and a line across it.  Say the words, "I do not agree with this".  Next, visualize what you would like to see, what you do agree with, and place a green tick next to it. It is very, very simple, and quick. So much so, that one might think it is not life changing, but it is.  Try it.  Try it with the big things, and the little things. Use it every day, and watch.  What do you have to lose by trying it out? Nothing.

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(Just added this to keep this article with its sister article on the list of topics.)

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I'd like to put a big red circle and line across "War with Iran".  I don't agree with it.  I'd like to replace it with "Peace, Love and Understanding in All the World" (green check mark). 

Lots of love,



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I put a big circle around that.  I do not agree with it.  It is the most despotic, hypnotic, controlling, caste-creating illusion I have ever seen and I do not agree with it.  In its place an equitable resource-based system that allows for all new ideas to be presented - not owned or licensed - just presented and chosen or not chosen.  This for me would represent true capitalism - the marketplace of ideas, solutions, inventions, with no one trying to own it.  No more artificial creation of scarcity for the sake of personal gain.  No more designing/manufacturing parts and devices and machinery to break down merely for profit.  No more making weak battery technology while leaving the better technology on the shelf for a later time to maximize personal financial gain.



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   because it would clear up so many of the issues in one fell swoop. There is a great line in the "OWS,It;s about love" video posted here recently, where the guy says,,,"We buy everything, so we don't think we need anyone. But giving or receiving something as a gift creates joy,it connects us". And Peter Joseph, in one of the earlier Zeitgeist films says, "Just imagine what it would feel like to Give someone a piece of art"..Might not sound like much amidst all the other content in that movie, but a whole lot of that would go a long way these days...RED CIRCLE,,MONETARY SYSTEM,,,GREEN CHEK MARK,,,RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY

     By the way, how do you make those giant letters in your post , me brudda ? If I knew how right now, I would write a huge,,,,,,PEACE BUBBLE OUT !


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Red circle and slash over depleted uranium, war and destruction. Green check for children playing freely, surrounding by bountiful green gardens, free energy, abundance, love, creation, freedom.

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Here's a test for 18 point font.

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This is how to make text bigger --

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When you are ready to go to a smaller font size select the size you wish to type in using the drop down menu and begin typing.  This is 12 pt font size.  I like to use 14 point font size as it is easy for me to read.

I bless you with Love.






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  Thanx for the tip all, and a BIG PEACE BUBBLE OUT TO THE GSPOT !

    Oh, and thanx for the video FFG,,and Happy Birthday,,,40, you really are just a farm girl

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Happy Birthday FFG woman! Fred would Love a piece of cake but he's too shy to admit it. Very happy for you-most auspicious.

Bob-The message above kept scaring me more and more as I thought it meant I had been left as a dark soul who had failed the test and will be left to die in darkness. It sounds like I'd have to have a similar experience to her to enter the beautiful new world.

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Brian, I don't think you have to be afraid of her message.  Very few people have had the depth of experience that she has had.  (Very few people even got here the way she did.)  That's sort of a "graduate degree" thing.  Her message is simply that we're in the driver's seat.  She gives some practical suggestions at the end about how to actively be on the positive side.  That's empowering.  The way I read it (not just here but in other things she and others have said), if we open our minds and hearts and do the best we can to be kind to ourselves and the people we come in contact with, we're actually beginning to create the new world.  And the new world's creators are not going to be shut out.  Profound awakening experiences are surely in the cards for us because that appears to be our destiny (just as becoming a tree is the destiny of a tree seed), but let's give ourselves a break -- we're not there yet.  It seems that a good intent and a good heart are all we need right now as we walk this road we're on together.  That's our ticket, and I believe that we can trust in it completely.

Hi Brian,

I think you are very astute and you never cease to inspire me with your honest and open perspectives....keep doin what you are doing.....if you want to get to the new will, 

And Bob, sorry...I have another perspective....I believe it takes EVERYTHING you have got, everything you are....... I know your not saying you can just sit back and say I am a good person, I have a good heart, but many people today put that out there and it is leading people into is lazy, fear driven and naive.........good intent is nice...but again on it's own, more likely to have you following your own will never remove your blocks if you never go looking for will never unite with yourself until you remove your blocks...,

You achieve oneness when you include EVERYTHING......when you are crying and laughing at the same time....when you see it ALL you can feel it ALL....if you only see a fragment, all you will feel is pretty the fragment is makes no difference 



ps the new world is here now, it's exists simultaneously, Brian, you are probably jumping in and out of it without realizing.......

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Here Before, HERE NOW, Here After, Wherever I go Here I AM. The Blessing is, Being HERE NOW  is the only point from which I can bring back those fragmented parts of my Soul that have been torn off through trauma.... Or Lost into the Matrix through the forgetfullness of emersing oneself in the delights Samsara.

 The Shaman "Women" will hold the boys that come back shell shocked from the traumas and ravages of war..... Just hold them as a mother would hold a beloved child and hum silently the Love from the Sacred Womb of the Universe, Until that Damaged part of the soul feels safe enough to return to wholeness..... The Mind still has to accept what it has witnessed, the Body still has to carry the burden of the experience, and the Raw Emotion of it all, is either through time rendered less intense, or through the "Power and Precence of Now"  accepted and intergrated into the Heart of Wisdom and Love. 


May All Beings Be Happy

May All Beings Be Blissfull

May All Beings Be Happy


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I was responding to a particular fear and perspectve that Brian expressed -- at least as I understood it (sorry, Brian, if I misunderstood).  It was not an attempt at presenting an entire practice or approach to life.  I agree that going through life in a polyanna kind of mode, denying all the negative and shadowy stuff, is going nowhere.  But in case you thought I was advocating that, I'll explain.

I agree with most of what you said.  In fact, I know full well, through my own experience, that it doesn't work to shut out any part of ourselves, any manifestation.  If obstacles come up, or blockages, or whatever else, it seems to work best just to allow them to be there as part of the whole thing, within awareness (as much as possible; and sometimes it may not be possible, at the moment).  But if/when we become "taken" by or lost in some dark view or story, we've lost the ability (while that lasts) to just allow it to be the phenomenon that it is.  Awareness goes out the window and, instead, the story becomes "reality."  And if we go so far as to act on the belief that that story is true, there can be unnecessary and damging consequences.  In extreme cases of belieiving dark stories, people have taken their lives.  I have two friends who volunteer on suicide hotlines; their primary job is to give that caller a different, more realistic perspective, to pull them out of their dark story asap.  Now I know that Brian was not in this desperate situation; I'm just using an extreme example to make a point.

So, my words to Brian were intended as a help, in case he found himself getting pulled into a devolving downward spiral (which I have experieced several times), to regain a different perspective.  It's fine, and in fact it's important, to face fears openly when they come up.  (We may not need to go looking for fears, blockages; they come by themselves.)  But it also works (if you can do it) to just see that a fear (for example) is really empty of substance, an illusion, and let it drop.  (That I've also experienced.)  That isn't denying the fear; it's seeing it for what it is.  Both the experiencing and dropping can happen at the same time.  In my experience, fear contracts the mind and heart.  Seeing it for what it is and, especially, dropping it opens the mind and heart.  Conversely, with an open mind and heart, fear loses its power -- maybe even disappears sometimes.  As I see it, either "route" is valid.  Whatever works.

And yes, the "new world" is here now (for each of us when we realize it).  We can speak about this dualistically (which I was doing) or not, which you are doing.  I chose to speak dualistically ("we're not there yet") to meet Brian's apparent anxiety at maybe not being ready to enter the new reality, as Inelia Benz laid it out.  But in this case (in the sense that Inelia was using it, I believe), "new reality" means this planet with its cargo of humanity, when the collective shift in consciousness comes.  That is not here yet; it is in the future (the near future, hopefully), and it will be "here" when we all realize that it has always been here.  (A paradox, obviously.)  So there is a timeline perspective, which it seemed appropriate to be in synch with, because that was the perspective that was laid out in this discussion from the beginning.  We can always jump to the "oneness, timeless" perspective, but it's not always the best choice.  It depends.

Brian's picture enelia benz? is she a human being? If she didn't get here like other people then how did she get here? I find it hard to share in her story because I don't appear to have any relation to her sensing things the way she does. She knows things about souls or sleepers or whatever she is talking about and I am sitting here just NOT getting it. What mode of knowing is she accessing? When I can't relate to what a person is saying, it makes me wonder if they are sane. Am I missing the understanding because I need to read xyz and have a background on her? Am I taking this too seriously-hell yes-LOL

Brian's picture

Hi Jez! Hi Viveka! Holy crap! I have missed you guys so much!!!!!! Don't be a stranger-ugh!;-)

We are all Souls who have bodies to use here as we live our lives and walk our Earth Walk.  We are not our bodies. 

Love is within every soul it can not be any other way for we are all part of the Prime Creator (infinite Creator, Big GOD, Source, Great Goddess/God)

There are souls that are very courageous and choose to experience more 3D--- some choose the Service to Self path (all paths lead back to the BIG GOD--- some paths are simply the longer, more challenging routes). 

I bless you with Love, Brian.  With all things in this world take that which feel expansive and light within your Heart Chakra area and leave that which makes you contracted in the solar plexus or makes your right ear ring with an unpleasant tone

The search for truth is a search that is perception based.  Seek your personal truth rather than the "The Truth." 

"The Truth" is ever changing, fluctuating dependent on the perception that is focusing on "The Truth."  An illustration of this is 8 people witness an "accident."  The interviewing police officer then has 8 different perceptions of the 1 accident.  Are each of those perceptions wrong?  Which one is "The Truth?"    This herein lies a paradox.  "The Truth" is dependent on perception. 

Universal Truths are different from "The Truth."  Universal Truths are Quantum Laws that the Universe (all life seen and unseen) operates from.  These Universal Truths are fluid and flowing-- shifting and not shifting--- a place where the cup is full of emptiness--- This is the type of Truth that Universal Truths are.

Inelia deals with her perception (that many share or buy into) of "The Truth."  Is she spot on?  It depends if you are looking for "The Truth" or Universal Truths. 

Take that which feels expansive and light and leave the rest--- sort of like reading the Bible or Torah or Koran--- Sometimes the Universal Truth is hidden between the lines--- and other times it is hidden in plain sight.  And other times--- it is shown through parable--- and those who have an eye to see and hearts to hear do so--- for others they are left wondering.

When presented with something that evokes fear-- cease to participate in resistence.  Remove yourself from the resistence--- That which is resisted will persist--- it will get worse-- slogging through stuff that is someone elses take on life and the nature of the Universal navel is aiding in creating greater persistence of that which seeks to create fear--- Fear is the belief in seperation and/or is the early warning system for the body to keep the body (the physical vehicle for the earth walk) from being injured--- it is like a boat alarm or a proximity alert system that some SUV's have---  the momentary fear of Watch out!  Move from large object about to run you over is very different from the seductive persistence of Fear that works to engage the limbic system of the brain---  This type of fear will be proceeded by a feeling of contraction in the solar plexus and/or ringing in the right ear--- sometimes one will feel like  one has sniffed glue--- nauseua and dizziness and a feeling of ut-oh.... This type of fear disconnect from--- stop reading/watching/participating/being there/being with/engaging with whatever you are doing...

Take a deep breath.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Take a moment to simply breathe.  Look around you--- observe where you are at--- is any of this happening right now to you that the fear evoked in you?  As yourself:  Is this feeling fear through indirect activation?  

I personally find Inelia to be a bit much.  That is my humble opinion.  Others think she is a fabulous seer.   

Love More and Expect Miracles.


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Brian, I respect your straightforwardness in expressing your doubts and standing with whatever is going on for you. .  And no, I'm taking this too seriously.  If Inelia Benz's words seem crazy to you, let them go.  It doesn't mean she's insane, nor that you're lacking anything in not understanding.  There's plenty I don't understand, either.  However, she speaks to something in me.  Obviously not to you.  Who cares?  Speakers --- messages --- hearers... they don't always match up.  That's all.  Still, your questions are valid.  Who is she, how does she access...?  I have no answers.

Too many words spent...   Moving along.


Brian's picture

Wow...good thoughts you guys. Fairy-I feel you're so right about the need to take subjective truth and maybe not seek objective truth in all things. Very sensible-kinda what a wise grandparent might advise? And sorry Bob-I'm being a bit of a hardass with personal life at a crap juncture. I always want the world to be served to me on my terms-I must have been a spoiled brat Royal heir or something in a previous life

Hey all,

Cool stuff and sorry if I put you on the defensive Bob....wasn't my intent...Lol....I am an aussie!...we are just rough...I have a fear story, might help you understand how far away I am.....Lol

I saw a pretty amazing fear reaction the other day.....I got loaned out to another division at work and so 2 days a week I have to pack my computer up and go to another office....not overly large, maybe a dozen people but they are is an indian guy and I must hear 20 taxi jokes a day.....mind you I think I am the only one that ever gets offended....they actually all love each other and it's a really friendly environment...Lol....

Every day I have been there this little bald dude Sam, early 40's, goes over to Joe's chair when he isn't there and drops it down to it's lowest height.....and every day when Joe sits down he starts screaming and cursing, in italian and english, he's gonna kill the's pretty funny.......keeping in mind, Joe used to be the boss of this division.....

So last week someone started telling a story about Sam, turns out he has a HUGE fear of birds, but not just birds, even feathers....apparently one day his wife was making the bed and a feather came out of the doona...he freaked, made her throw it out even though he had been sleeping under it for 5 years!....someone put a dead bird on his machine one day, he ran screaming from the factory and wouldn't come back until all traces of it were turns out when he was a kid someone locked him in a chicken coop and they all attacked him.....

There is a mate thing in Australia, nothing official or anything but it is very common that if you see something in a mate like that, a trigger, you just keep setting it off until they learn how to get over it,..Lol....sounds harsh and probably is but it works...we do it safely with mates so if the person is out on their own and someone triggers it they should be able to deal with it, maybe not totally but enough.....

I am what I am and when I heard Sam was scared of the console of my car among other things I have feathers....ravens, hawks, eagles, cockatoo, I went out and grabbed a nice size Raven feather, took it up and taped it to the handle of Joe's height adjuster.....without prompting by me, Dave then talked Sam into getting Joe twice this day....Lol.....

Sam is awesome, first he sits back in Joe's chair, has a big stretch, cracks a few Joe jokes and then casually starts reaching for the handle, the rest of us are breathless waiting in anticipation....Sam feels something strange, curious he leans over to look.....POW....hehehehe...he went straight up...Lol...the look on his face as he ran out of the office making this weird animal sound, we were all on the ground laughing....I know I know...Lol.....5 times he washed his hands.....Joe now has the feather taped at the end of his desk and Sam won't go within 10 feet of it.....although Danny chased Sam around the office with it first...he was never gonna catch him obviously people have been doing this to Sam for years.....

Sam never got nasty, he clearly never felt any shame....he was dead set terrified......and while I know my days are numbered, after such an impressive performance I will have no choice but to cop what I get sweet!.....

Aussie Aussie Aussie....OY OY OY!......Lol

and what does that mean......were not actually sure....we just like yellin it...and with Australia day this thursday.....listen hard and you'll hear us!...Lol....what ya reckon Viv?

Much love to all...

The Coyote.....

Viveka's picture

 G'Day Jez, I reckon, you're naughty but nice. Yep thats the way we are, it works for us. Feel sorry for Sam poor buggar, But its what we do and it seems to work, Lol. Reminds me of my son and the antics that go on at the RACV. Cop it sweet mate.  Good to see you are finally getting some decent sun down in Melb. News said 35 for tuesday, but then what do they know Lol.

Peace andd Love Darl

Noa's picture

No matter what occurs in this lifetime, if we can remember who we truly are, there is nothing to fear.  A central theme in Inelia's teachings is that the body is a temporary vessel for the soul.  The soul is eternal and cannot die.  Part of the lesson for us is in letting go of our ego's attachment to the body.

FYI:  Inelia claims to be a "walk-in" who is consciously aware of where she came from.   See


My full name is Inelia del Pilar Ahumada Avila, and I'm also known as Inelia Benz.

I am here, as millions of others are, to raise the level of vibration of the planet. This has involved in assisting lightworkers and lightwarriors in their path as well as exploring and investigating what the "dark side" is doing on the planet. I have also been developing and investigating tools and practices which are quick and effective in the raising of awareness and vibration of individuals and the planet.  Including formal religious practices, exploration of Magik, Mysticism, and even joined a cult for a while.  I came here knowing what I had to do, but I did not know how to do it.  I didn't even know the vocabulary to express what we had to do here,  I just knew that the world, and its people, had to "buzz" better, happier. The journey was not without its mistakes, defeats, dangers and injuries, but has been worth it.

On January 2010, I received a request from "Source" to go public, which I have done. The first thing I did was to establish an information source at  This assignment has been growing steadily and at the same time, my "behind the scenes" work with other lightworkers and public figures continues.

During my years of working behind the scenes, I have had jobs in Sales and Marketing, Internet Marketing, Writer (both social science reports for the European Community, Marketing and Sales articles, as well as metaphysical books), and also worked as a waitress during college.  But my most amazing job has been that of being a mom to 4 very inspiring beings.

Read more: About Inelia


Whether you believe her story or not, you may find Inelia's ascension tools useful.

As with all teachers and messages, follow your heart to decipher the truth.



Hi Noa,

I guess we all see Inelia a little differently....I am one who does not go along with Inelia at all. When I read a line like....No matter what occurs in this lifetime, if we can remember who we truly are, there is nothing to fear......

Does that not imply that if you can't remember who you are you DO have something to fear? ......essentially it is a threat.....follow me or pay the price......and I love that it's not all of us  who will raise the planets frequency, it is her and her "special" friends.......I think Inelia in unwell......



Hey Viv,

Melbourne weather?.......back to how I remember it when I was a kid...4 seasons in one day stuff.....I even had a white christmas!....seriously!....everything was white, covered in hail, and it snowed on a couple of the mountains.....a couple of days later it hit 40 degrees......Lol....



Bob07's picture

Yeah, it's all cool. 

Brian, I understand completely.  When life pinches my ass, I lose my warm niceness, too.  Hey, where'd that gold-plated spirituality go?

And Jez, thanks for the education about Aussies -- freely rendererd.  That was hilarious.  Obviously I haven't spent enough time amongst Aussies.  By the way, my favorite language setting for my GPS voice is Karen (I think that's her name), the Aussie English gal.  Sexy.  I'll do anything she tells me (that's the idea, right?).


Noa's picture

Jez wrote: "'No matter what occurs in this lifetime, if we can remember who we truly are, there is nothing to fear'......Does that not imply that if you can't remember who you are you DO have something to fear?"

No, Jez.  That doesn't follow anymore than this does...  People have fun playing tennis.  Therefore, if you don't play tennis, you won't have fun.

A more logical conclusion might be... if you can't remember that you are having a temporary physical experience, you may feel more fear than if you realize that you are an eternal being that cannot die.

I'm skeptical about Inelia, too, as well as many other teachers posted on this site.  You'll notice, my post above ends with the caveat, "As with all teachers and messages, follow your heart to decipher the truth."

My intention was to help alleviate fear.  If my words don't work for you, simply don't use them. 

Please try not to shoot the messengers, especially when we're offering help.

Hey Noa, 

Didn't go to work today.....popped a couple of days ago..been building for months......very playful now....ha ha....

Expectations and good intentions...dangerous stuff....almost always self serving........better to just be!.....I made no comment of you Noa, just my thoughts on what I read.....and

Your sentence was incomplete...and far from a logical argument....a fair comparisson might be.. ...people have fun playing tennis IF they wear comfortable shoes.......I would then argue it implies that IF you don't wear comfortable shoes you probably won'y have a lot of fun playing tennis....and I would go with that...... please Noa, if you want to crack it, at least put apples with apples......


As I understand english, the sentence could be read without the bit in matter what occurs in this lifetime there is nothing to fear'....that is what it says and I can go with that.....but when you add the comas and apply an "if" you set a condition for the overall does imply it, why else would it be there....and that is how people skew things....politicians revell in such language....

The difference is you could type.......

No matter what occurs in this lifetime, if we could remember who we truly are we would know with absolute certainty, there is nothing to fear'

"I'm skeptical about Inelia, too, as well as many other teachers posted on this site.  You'll notice, my post above ends with the caveat, "As with all teachers and messages, follow your heart to decipher the truth."....."

I'm not skeptical anout Inelia, as stated I think she is unwell.....I think you have reacted like this because you feel some need to defend Inelia or yourself and that is not the case...what I think does not change who either of you are, you should not need to change me to exist as you are....

"My intention was to help alleviate fear.  If my words don't work for you, simply don't use them."

I was commenting on Inelia's words, Trying to silence opinion reminds me of todays US government approach......

"Please try not to shoot the messengers, especially when we're offering help."

Help is very subjective, I would argue I am doing the same thing...just trying to help......and I guess saying Inelia is unwell could be deemed shooting the messenger and if so, no probs, I shoot messengers I believe peddle in misinformation.....I can live with that....



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I'll say this-this is a lively group. I hear talk of lightworkers (I like light-warriors...sounds more ass-kicking)and I always hope I'm one of them:0 (and secretly doubt it very much) but I feel like I "agree" with something Jez seems to represent -namely that it's up to us as individuals to make progress. I almost feel like some people out there (OK- the Internet) are trying to be passed off as some kind of new priest class-kind of in charge of the spiritual work or more enlightened than thou...more at the 'tip of the spear' and it bugs me. As far as I can tell there is no one EVER EVER able to know what is best for you more than you yourself. That would have to include your spiritual life. We all want to be thought of as special but it's an ego trap-designed to make us forget who we really are// something completely mysterious and beautiful and true.

Our stupid ego identities screw with everything. I get all twisted up over nothing on a regular basis. But I learn so much from all of you. Half the time it's because I don't agree with something or someone and I get a little clearer about what I don't like and half the time I learn I agree more strongly with an assertion or idea than I realised.


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Jez, drawing conclusions based on incomplete information is the definition of faulty logic.  That's my point.  Here's another example... John is a man.  John has a moustache.  Therefore, all men have moustaches.  Faulty logic.


Furthermore, you made a similar observation about the act of giving being self-serving when I posted something about "Pay it Forward Day."   I don't know how someone can turn something loving and beautiful into something so negative.

I'm glad I don't think like you!


Love Ya Dude! you ROCK!


As for light warrior, screw that, I'm in the shadow warrior camp! thought I saw you at the meeting last week.....Wink

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Naw-that was my evil twin Nairb...he lives under a sturdy, brightly colored bridge in Werribee now I think. You know...if I started digging tonight I could be at yr place by weekend. Save me a beer will ya?

If I dig from this end we can meet in the middle, oh shit, better bring a slab then, and lots of ice.....could be hot!



People often give and act to make themselves feel good...they do it for many justify or perpeuate their own myths about who they believe they an act of compensation for the faults they believe they have in themselves.....many's important to understand that your not giving anything to anyone if you push something on them when they never asked for or wanted for do not help someone by robbing them of their own chance to learn...hence the word guide is much better then teacher in terms of that higher spiritual can deffinitely be self serving....the doo gooder is often motivated by selfish causes and naive perspectives.......

As for the faulty logic, I don't need some grade school teachings of what it is....I am not being illogical...

'Pay it forward day', was april last year.....what I said is stii bubblin around in you?.......Awhoool....




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