Never Underestimate the Power of the Human Spirit

I believe that the controllers will be toppled by their own underestimation of the power of the human spirit.  This power comes from uniting together and exercising our divine free will to create a better world for the many, instead of the few.  It is driven by our love for life and is guided by the choice to uphold the Natural Laws of All That Is.  The way forward is illuminated by the Light of Truth.  ~ Noa


One Breath, One World 11/11/11

Experience the ULTIMATE ENERGY at this once in a lifetime celebration.
10,000 people will synchronize BREATH & PRAYER for healing our planet.
This is a rare opportunity to maximize your physical and mental potential.

11-11-11 Musical artists will perform live at this cosmic celebration. Using special yogic breathing we will create
 a massive Power Breathing Prayer Circle for WORLD PEACE.

Deep Insider Tells of Creation, Subjugation, Transformation of Earth

Hey beautiful friends,

I have made a three-page summary of the powerful Hidden Hand material. I very much welcome any comments or suggestions before sending it out to our two email lists of 12,000 subscribers this Friday. I'd love to be able to shorten it to two pages, but don't see where I can cut any more. Here's the link:

Have a beautiful day!

The Year of Illumination - 2011

This is from Lee Harris :

I know nothing about him, but what he says is comforting.  His website is .

Related to this, here's the "Blue Star" website, which hosts several people's material, including Fred's:

CoSM: The Movie

This is one of lightwins' movie picks.  Had to share it.  Amazing! 

Part I

Part II

Talk about using one's gifts!  It's not at all what I expected from an art documentary. 

Beautiful.  Transformative.  It's almost like a meditation.




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