Looking for Transformation

I do so hope that there is an army of people out there right now, when it feels like it's the darkest hour before the dawn, each doing it's small part to move the sun one more inch toward arising and flooding the earth with abundance, happiness, justice, peace and truth.

I know Cunthia McKinney is definitely one of those people.


Cynthia has written a series of anti-capitalism articles lately and I don't entirely agree with her atitude toward capitalism, but in this article she talks about reaching out to those with different views for finding solutions in common ground when things are generally so bad. Personally I have dreamed of getting the right and left ends of the political spectrum together for years because there really is so much we all have in common these days when it seems like the whole planet is getting raped by these dark forces.

I really think that the USA has to find a way to bring right and left together, to unite against the top 0.01%, then we will solve our problems.


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Trying to look past my old prejudices politically and appreciate the strengths of those who think differently than me. We have a lot to teach each other. I only got here by loving someone for who they are first and trying very hard to remember that when talk on politics got uncomfortable. I have had to bite my tongue HARD many, many times and have been full of doubt whether I SHOULD even do that. Does biting my tongue mean I am not true to myself or mean I am failing to convince them of my own "rightness"? Am I letting them walk all over me? The jury's out but I feel I must do this or I won't ever grow. And how are we going to influence each other if we can't listen anyway? One thing I think I learned is that peoples political views are an adaption to the challenges of life and are believed to be essential for survival so you risk alienating him or her if you can't honor that. I've noticed that some people simply don't get very reactive and avoid politics altogether when it comes up. They just learn how to change the subject.

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It might help to remember that the 2-party political system is an illusion.  It forces us to make a choice between two opposing positions as if there are no other points of view.  No one person lines up exactly with either political party, and why the heck don't we have dozens of options to choose from instead of only two?

Question:  What's worse than choosing between only two political parties?  Being asked to choose between only two families.  Hmmmn, Clinton or Bush in 2016?  Clinton or Bush in 2020? etc. etc. etc.   My children are in their late twenties and Obama is the first president in their lifetime who wasn't a Clinton or a Bush.  Pathetic!

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Or like I always say, it's like having to choose between diet Coke sweetened with aspartame or diet Pepsi sweetened with aspartame whe what you really want is water.

So what I'm saying is that the country is just parched for water these days and we have the dems and repubs offering coke and pepsi.

Hey Brian,

I get it because I used to just see the one side but then the issue I cared the most about - peace was most strongly supported - not by speach which is cheap and easy , but by voting record by the guy from the opposite party - Ron Paul. And then working side by side with his supporters - many ex-democrats like me and many more life long republicans I started to understand their perspective better all the time. I'm still registered repub but I'll probably vote for Bernie this time....Maybe just skip my recent post about David Ray griffin's book on global warming - we'll both get so heated up it'll probably kick the whole globe up a notch!


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