Why does crap keep happening?

I've lived through a lifetime of trauma that probably would've killed most people.  I've survived the suicides of 2 siblings, years of physical and emotional abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, health issues etc., etc.

Fortunately, I found my way to the Unity Church 25 years ago and have been on a  self-improvement/spiritual path ever since.  I've been choosing positive thoughts to 'deliberately create' a better life.  Even so, adversity is persistent.

Turn Negativity into Creativity

I've recently (minutes ago) realized that I've completely wandered off the path I used to be on. Back in teh day, whenver I was down or feeling negative, I would play guitar, like crazy, till my fingers bled sometimes, and end up creating something positive with my negative energy. I need to get back to this, I've been dwelling on negativity or just trying to "will it away" which can work for a time, but I think I need to get back to just rocking out like crazy.

Questioning Life… Experiencing the Shift…..And Connecting

Back in 2006 I began to journal.  I opened a word document….titled it “Random Thought Processes” entered the date and typed away.  Mostly I came up with questions – which I thought showed my ignorance.   In hindsight I am seeing how powerful this process was and is!  I ask questions….. and life follows me along….. and gives me the “experience” of the answer.


Daily ordinary spirituality

Since coming into the Gathering Spot and saying Hello, I have spent most of my free time, reading the forums, getting a feel for the unique personalities and the vast amount of information made available through these posts.   I have found some wonderful gems, indeed.  (Both in information – and personalities!)


The Dance of Me and We

There is this greater We within me and within every one of us. The greater We is the collective consciousness of all beings, of All That Is.

It's all about me and We learning to dance.

Me and We are equally important in inviting my unwavering desire for what's best for all of us to flow through me.

Whenever I see something disturbing, I can say "There's the part of me that wants to ..." and "There's the part of We that wants to ..."

Healing the Root of All Evil

Hey All,

I was at work today and was doing some end of the year paperwork type stuff. I've been doing a bit of meditation lately and doing my best to send out positive energy to the Earth, and I got thinking:

What if we were to imbue our financial transactions with positive energy?

Part of my job is administration of contracts for construction projects. I eventually sign off on payments for the Contractors, (or at least oversee the payments) and in effect, I direct the flow of some decent quantities of cash.

Obama's Spirituality: A Powerful Interview

Dear friends,

Here's a powerful and inspiring interview from 2004 with Barack Obama about his spirituality. This man is an committed spiritual activist! What amazing times we live in!!! I've also included the link to the original article below.

With lots of love and excitement,


October 14th & Contact: For Me It’s Personal

Dear Friends who read this blog, like so many around this globe, I am
waiting to see what October 14th brings. I have been waiting for this
for so many years. I have become so awakened, and more and more all the
time to my small but important role in preparing for full - undeniable
- open public sightings and contact.

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