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Since coming into the Gathering Spot and saying Hello, I have spent most of my free time, reading the forums, getting a feel for the unique personalities and the vast amount of information made available through these posts.   I have found some wonderful gems, indeed.  (Both in information – and personalities!)


One of the areas that I keep looking for is the sharing of personal, day to day, experiences that integrate all this knowledge and learning into our daily lives.  I wonder how others take this information and incorporate it into their lives.  


Many times I think we become “repeaters”.  We simply repeat and pass on great information….. and then it fades.  (“Hey, this is a great book… lots of good information in it that really makes sense.”  “Yes, I read it.  I agree.  Great stuff.”   Followed by a short discussion on some content or key points.  Then conversation ends or changes topic. .... Fade to black.)  


I am curious how others take this spiritual information and transfer it into the everyday life experience.   Can you provide a small example of how you do this?  By sharing with me, the examples of how you have integrated your spiritual learning, I might find myself in the same situation, become present, and follow your example.


There seems to be a separation within my day to day life regarding my spirituality.  It seems that going to work - and what happens during those hours - is the part of me that goes through the same old motions.   Not much room for spirituality there, so it gets pushed to the back corner.   After work is done, I expand into the larger area of who I am.  Breathing deeply again and moving with purpose.  An inner part of me longs to live this way – throughout my whole day.    Something inside knows that I cannot carry on with this split for very much longer.    So I look to you… walking on this path with me…. Who understand what I just explained……To show and share how you are integrating your spirituality into your life.  


Today I had an ordinary event happen, that I was able to consciously step into with my spiritual awareness.  The reward was immense.  I would like to share this with you.

I received a sales call from a company I currently have internet and phone service with.   They were trying to sell their cable TV service to me.   Usually I tend to be a little short with telemarketing calls.   The call started out with her asking me how I was doing.  I replied, “Good, and how are you?”  There was a pause and then she replied, “Good – Thank you for asking.”   I noticed a slight misstep in her script as she responded to my question.  I think in that moment I became present and stepped into the deeper understanding that there was a person… with a heart…. On the other end of the phone.  Yes, she was doing a job that seemed irritating to me, but she was still a person…. With a heart.  She began her next lines, nervous and faltering a bit and then the line went dead.   I don’t know why I kept the phone to my ear but I did.  After about 15 seconds, she came back on the phone with a question, “Are you still there?”  I replied, “Yes.”   She apologized and told me that she had accidently disconnected her cord.  She proceeded into her next lines, and then called me sir.  She paused; noticed her error, stumbled and apologizing again repeated the sentence and used the word ma’am.   I could sense her embarrassment and nervousness.  I wondered if perhaps she had just started the job.  I listened as she got her footing again and started reading her script.  She read fast and didn’t leave any pauses for me to interrupt and say, “No thank you.”  So I relaxed and listened.  When she finished her script and paused for my reply, I said with a smile, “You did really good!”   She giggled and said, “thank you.”   Then I replied that I did not have a TV due to personal choice, so adding cable to my current service really wouldn’t be something that I was interested in.   She thanked me and ended the call.     At that point I realized how much better this new response of mine felt than other times when I was short, would just hang up, or become agitated at being disturbed with another sales pitch.  I had new understanding of how I could use every situation to open more into a heart based response with others.   


When I first heard about “living in the heart” or similar teachings about actions and love from the heart I thought it was just about being nice to others.  Well, that was easy; I think I have tended to be a nice person in this life and treat others well.   In diving deeper into my heart, and opening to divine guidance I am finding that there is a deeper level than “nice”.   Nice becomes combined with sincerity, with Love, with relaxing, with openness, and with vulnerability.


I would appreciate if you would share your normal, ordinary, daily experiences, and how you have incorporated your unique love and inspiration into them. 


With much gratitude,

  Mary G.

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Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for your beautiful sharing and the invitation to get more personal with how we are integrating our spirituality into our daily lives. I love your story with the sales call.

I also have one related to phone calls. As the manager of the website WantToKnow.info, I end up talking with a lot of people with deep inside information. My phone calls also may be monitored at times because of this work. Occasionally when I'm talking with one of my contacts, they will say something like, "You know, they are probably listening to our call right now." When I hear that, I usually respond with something like, "You're right. Let's stop for a minute and send some love to the heart of whoever might be listening in." And we do!

Imagine if you were assigned to listened to someone's phone conversations as a suspected enemy, and they end up sending you love over the phone. Pretty cool! I love doing this.

Thanks again for the wonderful message, Mary! Have an awesome day and week ahead!!!

With lots of love, joy, and gratitude,

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My peek down the rabbit hole began with the somewhat overdue personal investigation of September 11, 2001, specifically, Bldg.7.  this took me on a very swifte journey toward a somewhat grim realization that September 11th was nothing new, business as usual really.

this took me to a sense of futility that me in the typical fight or flight reptile-like response mechanism, and when the dust settled I found myself quite cynical, futilistic, not giving a shit any more.  If we are really this stupid and bent on self-destruction, than let's party like its 1999 and throw caution to the wind!!!!

Fortunately I serendipitously stumbled upon wanttoknow.info via a friend sending me the link to give to another mutual friend.  I ran with it, the mutual friend who had been argumentative catalyst for my own investigation of 9-11 did not.

Coming to realize that the Light is much more dominant a force in the cosmos, playing and creating where the dark forces in their lower frequencies cannot even venture, I was very relieved to find that I did not have to be so cynical and futilistic, that the world and universe is not as dangerous as I was led to believe with my extensive and intensive journey to the dark side of humanity.

without going into a long list of specifics, this has affected my life, 24-7 really, with the usual stumbling/bumbling human moments that I need to ask forgiveness and understanding for, but even those are very useful when I remain or return to humility and desire for what is good for the many.  In a short couple of years, my personal journey did what no religion was ever able to do.  I am thorougly convinced that this conscious creation/intention construct is infallible and inviolate.  This had liberated me, and I can feel the difference, and notice how I treat people and animals and plants, everything with much more appreciation for how cool all of this is, dark forces and all.

This has been my wonderful fast track experience since about 2006 to date, and I am very much looking forward to this continuing journey of discovery.  Creating moments of coherence that breed re-discovery and re-cognition of our inherent divinity is a residing intention in me right now, to become light of inspiration in little ways.  I will not go into specifics because it is the personal and unique heartfelt intention of our Selves individually that bring those utterly unique coherence-expanding experiences into our lives and as a result, into the collective, the One...

I truly believe we are at the threshold of one hell of an evolutionary jump 100th monkey effect DNA awakening/expansion from 2 strand back to the originally intended 12 strand. I have this strong sense in me that we are like believers holding candles up high in joyful anticipation of all that is happening.  I feel that in me constantly now, and that has to show up in behavior and action.  So I speak only of the strong and exciting intention as inspiration, and leave the utterly personal and unique experiences up to each of us....

Great idea for a topic Mary...  LLP, Chris

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Hello Mary,

 I would say I became very depressed after becoming convinced 9/11 was contrived by Americans. Later, the Transformation course helped deepen my knowledge of the dark things and for the last year or two I've struggled with ups and downs from this knowledge. Life isn't structured like I thought or hoped but then I've also experienced unexpected highs realizing the good in people (and in the Universe) is pervasive and is more powerful than any dark. Good is far more than a counterweight-it's an unfolding reality that has progressed for tens of thousands of years. I realized recently my downs were greatly effecting my 17 year old son so I've decided to work hard at banishing the negativity. I am sharing news of positive changes and people in the world and encouraging his ability to dispute negative thoughts for himself(as I need to). There's been some change in both of us. I read self-help books for whatever I can take from them(sometimes a lot-I recommend "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay) and they help me keep a clear head and a warm heart. I just keep them with me so I can read when I have time to kill. Even if they just boost me for short periods, it's very positive because it effects my family relationships. Also, Ho'Oponopono has helped me heal relationships at several extremely critical moments in the last two years. It's almost too powerful for me. I get a little scared when something so positive works because it challenges my reality-my old crappy view of life is too small to hold it.

Thanks for writing asking us to think about this. I liked your story too. Being nice never gets old for the recipient:-) It was eerily similar to an experience I had too. You're a good person who is bursting with love to share. Bless you.

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Hi Mary,

That's an interesting post, and I'd like to respond to your question about how to remove the separation between spirituality and the rest of one's life.  Now, I don't know just what you mean by spirituality, but it sounds as if you have a definite inner work that you do -- either in a tradition or on your own.  And so I'm going to talk about this matter with that assumption.  In any case, this is true for me, so that's the only place that I can talk from.

Anyway, for me it comes down to a very simple thing.  My practice is awarenss -- simple, bare awareness.  (Propelled by my need to know what is, and who I am.)  When I'm sitting in meditation, it's not so hard anymore, although it used to be more difficult (with lots of thoughts that I wanted to get rid of).  Now I just let the thoughts be and include them in open awarenss.  They come and go like everything else.  And thoughts about myself come and go, too, and when they go I realize that I am not who I thought I was.  I'm just Awarenss.  And then, even when thoughts come back, they're just someone else's laundry blowing on a clothes line half a mile away, as one writer put it.  That's the "ideal", but there are lots of shades in between, and sometimes thoughts win out entirely (I'm not going to pretend otherwise).

Okay, so that's the basis.  Without establishing that, I have small chance of finding it in everyday activities.  But to find "it" (not an "it", but language is pathetically inappropriate), I try to stop (inside) long enough to be truly present and to establish the experience that I am, that Awareness is, and that there's no difference.  If there appears to be a difference, that's okay.  I find that just letting the situation be the way it is without changing it is the best way to get present.  Often I will use body sensation to help me be present in this way.  The sensation of butt on the chair, feet on the floor, breath coming in and out -- any or all of those do fine.  Sensations exist only in the present -- where I am, where Awareness is.  What I'm working with now is something new that was suggested to me: letting the "front" of the mind deal with the world and having the "back" of my mind (the Big Space "area") be witness to it all.  This may take some time for me to get, but I see how to go with it. 

The second "prong" of awareness in daily life has to do with how I see and treat other people.  If I'm able to be truly aware, I see that there's no separation between someone else and myself.  If I'm not so aware, I try to remember as an idea that no separation really exists, and sometimes that will bump me back into an actual awareness of that fact.  In any case, I'm trying (with more success than I used to, thankfully), to regard the people I interact with with respect, consideration, and compassion.  (Just as you did with the telemarketer.  That was a great example.  I'll try harder the next time one of them calls.)

So, how does this work?  A few nights ago I was acting as caretaker for an old friend who is pretty far along with a degenerative brain disease (something like Alzheimer's), so that his wife (also and old friend) could go and teach a yoga class at a local college.  He would anxiously pace around the house, sometimes pausing to talk to the TV, somemtimes to me -- making pretty much no sense at all.  Such a difference from his old, vibrant, intelligent self!  It was my job to keep him company and pay attention to what he was doing so he didn't fall or have some other accident.  As usual, thoughts came up about them, their past, their current plight.  But the thoughts weren't useful for my job there that evening.  So I focused on being present and aware of myself sitting there (with or without the thoughts), listening to him, responding, watching him.  At some point there was just an Awareness of everything at once seamlessly -- the whole place, him, my own body.  So for that time there was no separation beween him and me, "spiritual" work and ordinary experience. 

And so I move toward having more of my life be without this separation.  It comes in little pieces.  Often I'm lost in a dualistic dream.  And then other times I come back t what's real.  I remember reading about an old (probably Chinese) master who had been doing his inner work for something like sixty years, and he said he noticed that only recently was he able to keep his awareness day and night without a gap.  (So I'm trying to be patient with myself.)

One last thing that occurs to me: At the suggestion of a teacher I had some time ago, I tried going through my day with the awareness of the particular sensation of every footstep.  And when I was just walking somewhere, I would count the steps.  (Needless to say, most of them happened without my noticing them.)  The purpose of this exercise was to stay in the present -- where sensations exist.  I still use it occasionally.

Take care and best wishes for your efforts,


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Wonderful!    This is exactly what I was looking for.  These pieces of information that you have shared are worth more to me than anything I can possibly think of!  


Fred – I can’t imagine a heart hard enough, or well paid enough to not be affected by your example.  It would be like a darkness so dark that the light couldn’t shine on it. Thank you for your example.  And for being able to listen to, research and disseminate all the dark information that you do and still be a shining example of love.  Incredible!  


Chris and Brian -  Yes, I share with you the shock and resulting downward spiral upon opening ones eyes to the 9/11 and many other dark issues.  It is quite a process to say the least.  It is amazing that through this portal, we arrived here - isn’t it?  Here at this place of love and acceptance – and remarkably – hope and anticipation!   I think it is important to also share with others on the path that there is a place along the path – after 9/11 – where the scenery changes.   In my journey, I joined in with the anger, the skepticism, and the hopelessness of these issues.  During this time I also learned of chemtrails and looking up each day, I had daily reminders that kept my focus on the darkness.  I went around stirring up others that would listen to this information.  In hindsight I can see that, although the spreading of this information is necessary, the way that I was doing it was, in fact, creating more of the same.  More division between “us” and “them”, more emotionally reactive states, and more of all that I felt I was fighting against.  My understanding now says, “Perhaps I needed to understand how to “create” it….. so I could choose – consciously – how to create what I truly wanted.   And that, my friend, it sooo much easier to say….than to do.  But every time I step in my true direction, I find wonderful rewards waiting for me.  And one of those rewards came when you shared your words and yourself with me (and others) here today.   Thank you very much.

Brian - Louise Hay is near and dear to my heart!  I love her books, her style and her tremendous heart.  It's funny that you would mention her.... one of my first teachers along the path.  Her teachings are very much a part of who I am today. 


Bob -  Many thanks for your sharing and the extreme care you put into the placement of your words!  I am always delighted when I come across one of your posts.  I agree that language is barely adequate when trying to discuss these issues.   


You wrote:  Now, I don't know just what you mean by spirituality, but it sounds as if you have a definite inner work that you do -- either in a tradition or on your own.  And so I'm going to talk about this matter with that assumption.  In any case, this is true for me, so that's the only place that I can talk from.”


You tend to point out things that should be obvious, but really tend to be hidden.  Such as my definition of spirituality…. And yours.    Bravo!   I love it.   And now you have me wandering around… looking for “my” definition of spirituality.   (I’m sure I left it right over here somewhere…..)        Yes…. Words can sometimes be very inadequate.  


Your example related to Alzheimer’s was wonderfully expressed.  Thank you again for sharing it.


Mary G

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Hi Mary,

       For me the only time I am able (at all capable) to put in to complete living practise my spirituality, is when I am at play with my grandchildren, or caring for the elderly. Children are naturals at being very now, the elderly are learned in spirit, so I don't think I have truly become a master, I think I am riding the energy wave that they create. Which needless to say leaves me with much work to do yet, as I can be drawn into many of lifes dramas, which are too exhausting for me to contend with, I have not developed "spiritual pinache" by any means.

Much Love Carol Anne

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I think most of the people who find themselves here have had some similar experiences, at least in the sense of stumbling upon the "alternative" theories about the way the world really works, and how many of the events in our history (both recent and arguably much further back) are far from what they seem. Cover ups, False Flag Terrorism, Constant War, Global Elite/Illuminati, its all pretty dark stuff, and the way it drags you down when you first start to hear about it is the reason most people prefer not to even listen. I've tried many times to get people into this kind of stuff and honestly, it takes a degree of bravery to take that first step.

As many of you have said, once you take that step its easy to fall into depression, apathy and other negative emotions. I've certainly been there too, and at times I go back there, as I still make a point of following as much of these developments as I can. The trick is to take in the positive with the negative, and to step away from the computer once in a while and enjoy life. To take care of your physical and spiritual health, and to strike a balance. Its not easy, but I've definitely found balance is the key for me, in everything. I have a job that can be pretty consuming and the walk home from work sometimes fails to assist in getting my mind out of that place. Similar to what you said, there is often a separation of spiritual life and the mundane drudgery of the every day "9-5." To break it up though I do my best to do a bit of reading during the work day on my lunch break and just get my head out the office, even if I can't physically escape from it haha. I've done the odd quiet meditation or breathing exercise to the same end.

Honestly, I think getting away from the reading and working on your own path is the best way to ntegrate spirituality into your life. The concious effort is whats important, and I must say I'm guilty of reading too much and doing too little, as I feel some days taht I've arrived at the game late, and theres still so much more to learn before I can step up to the plate and take a few swings. But I think I'm almost there Tongue out


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I get the same thing you're talking about (Carol Anne) from my pets.  They so effortlessly show me what an unassuming master living in the perpetual now looks like, acts like and feels like.  And such excellent points you make Josh, I can so resonate with everything you are talking about.  To just get away from all of the research and esoteric (the computer), and just be simple and just be...  What the devil is our fascination with complexity for complexity's sake...  I guess that's another story....  Excellent thread

What I have learned from all the information that I recieve is that each moment of life counts.



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Greetings Mary G,

   Welcome to the Team....I enjoyed your posts and think I know where you are coming from...

What brought me together with several folks here was Wingmakers.com  ( the original site), I met Fred there and was impressed with his Wanttoknow.info site...and have been reading it ever since. He's a great man and I'm proud to know him. 

Hope you enjoy yourself here...folks are good caring people here.











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My daily practice consists of integrating the absolute intrinsic, all-inclusive awareness into my moment-to-moment experience. And, recognizing that the relative, conditioned patterns of my adaptive, adopted personna are inevitable because they are in fact conditioned and the do in fact get triggered, I hold my humanness (and that of others) with compassion and allow the old patterns to dissipate... Basically, I repeatedly return to the recognition of the awake space at the near-end of my neurons and endeavor to hold self and other(s) with compassion.

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Hi Mary! Your post and the wonderful responses to it are the reason I love this community of like spirits . I have a few daily rituals that seem to help me stay centered. No TV before bedtime, allow yourself some slow down and shut down time. Review your day and try to find all the things you should be grateful for, if you made mistakes admit it, learn from it and move on. This is the important part for me. I believe that I am the cocreator of my life, that I have the power to make things happen, and when this is coupled with positive, loving intent stemming from my heart chakra then I can look forward to whatever the next day may bring. I have guides and angels to assist me, I am never alone.  First thing in the morning  I go to our sun room and sit quietly and greet the day. I acknowledge that I am one with the plants in the room ,the trees that surround the house, I am one with everything This is when I'll meditate. Sometimes it's difficult to totally quiet  my mind and I just enjoy the flow of images and work on my deep breathing. Love in, love for the planet out, etc. This gets me ready for the day. Your story about your interaction with the telemarketing young lady hit home. I behaved badly the other night when our dinner was interrupted  several times by unwanted calls. The last one was from someone on an Indian reservation in South Dakota asking for donations for heating fuel for the elders . This was one of several calls we've received over the last few days, always at dinner time, from various Indian tribes and we have given money to several of them. I barked at the young woman and told her to take my number off her calling list and hung up. Minutes later I could have bitten my tongue off. I'm the guy who for five years collected clothing at school and sent it to the reservations in SD. That young woman was just doing her job and I could have handeled it differently, with love and patience. I didn't. Rather than beat myself up for a serious mistake I mentally sent the young woman my heartfelt apology and asked for her forgiveness. I won't do that again, I will never be rude to someone just doing their job.. I am a divine work in progress, but I will make mistakes. I'm here to learn and I am learning.Hang in there Mary,keep your mind and your heart open and enjoy your journey,



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I took some of Josh’s very important information about just stepping away from all the information and taking a break.  So I didn’t turn on my computer last night.   I have been spending a great deal of time on the net, looking at some of the new information that I have found through this site – and the course.   Last night I spent having a nice relaxing phone conversation with my daughter and some much needed time in meditation.  (Thanks Josh!)


This morning I am delighted once again to see all the new posts.   It is nice to meet more of the members out here.   Reading books and gathering information is great, but I have this desire now to integrate this learning more fully into my life -  Thus the reason for this post.  I find it a comfort to see that others have had the same struggles, have been tripped up by the same situations as I, and that they also practice having compassion for their humanness… and the humanness of others. (Great words Lightwins.)    I definitely laughed at Chris’s statement about the fascination of complexity for complexity’s sake!!   I resemble that remark, Chris! 


FairyFarmGirl’s statement was a focal point of my meditation last night.  I thought about my day and how every moment in life counts.  There were only a few that I could say I made “count” yesterday.   We are having very different winter weather this year -  along with just about everyone else.    This month we have had a fog that creeps through town along with some very cold temperatures.  It lasts for a bit – mostly a few hours in the morning, but has stuck around for as long as a day here and there.  Then the sun comes out.  The immense beauty when the sun comes out is awesome.  Everything is covered in a white frost.  Every pine needle on the trees, every blade of grass in the field, every piece of metal in the chain link fence sparkles.   In searching for the moments that I made count yesterday, the time that I spent admiring and in awe of nature’s beauty were the first to come to mind.   I found that it was the moments that I found myself “present to the moment” that made the moment count.  The same with the telemarketing call that I used as an example to start with.  I think what made that normal, everyday experience different for me was the presence (instead of a reaction ) that I brought to it.   


Your replies are helping me to see other areas of my life that I can bring presence to, pay attention to and I hope this is as enjoyable to you … as it is to me.  Please sense the gratitude that is flowing from my heart … to yours.

Mary G

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Thanks for mentioning the "no TV before bedtime" thing. I found a while back that I sleep restlessly if I watch TV or play Wii or video games before going to sleep. Must be the alpha waves haha! The problem is after a rough day at work I often want to just chill out and shut down the thoughts. Sadly TV is the easiest (and the most familiar) way to do this. That or a couple of pints haha. Anyhow, I took a bit of my own medicine tonight and instead of reading the latest conspiracies and other developments, I recorded a couple of songs, one cover song, Sweet Child of Mine, for my soon to be born daughter (a child of the sun - she will be born Feb 18th), and one original, that I've pieced together over the last few years, and which I started writing the same day I started waking up to the "conspiracies" of the world (it was originally about the war on terror, but now includes a line about Wall Street). Feels good to get the priorities in order for once!

That being said, I'm going to be keeping my eyes open this weekend, as something sneaky always seems to go down (false flag/new brushfire war etc.) during the Holidays or the Olympics. The PTB like to take advantage of people's attention being diverted (remember the 8 day war in Georgia during the China Olympics where the Russians apprehended numerous CIA agents in their raids?). Until then I'm going to stay away from it though.

Peace - Josh

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My daily practice is similar to Bob's, as I practice mindful awareness. In addition I have a brief morning ceremony in which I light a candle and incense. I create sacred space by smudgine the space about me, and honoring the 4 directions in turn, then above and below. I finish by honoring within and without. When I do this I extend my arms to include all being on the earth and the entire  universe. Then I bring my hands back to my heart and gather in the energy and love that rolls back to me from the earth and the universe. At various times during the day I take a moment to connect to my heart center, and to receive and share love. I meditate at some point - usually before I go to sleep.

I've beccome more genuinely accepting of others, not so judgmental as I used to be. I practice sending love when I'm feeling impatient or critical.No, it doens't always work! I forget, but then I step back, center myself, and let it go.

I truly believe that as I change, I influence the collective consciousness, and that as enough people become aware, the consciousness will shift to one of love and peace.

I'm very earth centerred in my spirituality so feel a strong connection with nature, with the cycles of the year and of the moon. I celebrate these as well. I've worked with the Medicine Wheel for nearly 30 yrs. It is a marvelous system that underlies all that I do.

Donata                                                                                      www.Donata.ChrysalisHeartCenter.com

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That was beautiful Donata!!!  A big warm heartfelt welcome to the Gathering Spot...

LLP, Chris

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Hello Donata... From reading your post, I expect I will learn much from you, I am so pleased to be able to say welcome.

Much Love Carol Anne

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Hello Donata!

Thank you for jumping in and sharing.  It is great meeting another part of the collective consciousness!  I look forward to knowing you better.


  Mary G.

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Awesome, Donata! I love your practice and your focus on heart. Thanks so much for sharing that and a big welcome to our portal!

With lots of love and warm wishes,

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Hi everyone

For some unknown reason I missed most of these posts, until today, so here I am hoping it's not too late to join in Smile

I greet the day and send my blessing to the earth and the universe when I shower in the morning.  We have a large shower head and it is like standing in a tropical shower.  I ask that the water cleanse my body and my soul and visualise each drop of water as being a blessing.  I send love and healing to everyone and everything.  I raise my hands to the spray open them and say "I give in, my higher self is in charge, please help me to say the right things, do the right things and be the best person that I can be"  Thank you thank you thank you.....................

That really sets me up for the day.  To mark the end of the day my husband and I sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine (or outside if it is warm enough) and we talk for a couple of hours about our day and I will tell him a little bit about the things I have read.  He is still fairly sceptical but softly softly seems to be working Wink.  We turn the TV on while we eat (extremely bad habit I know) and watch something light; at the moment it's Masterchef Australia.  We then watch maybe an hour of TV and it's early to bed especially for me as I am often awake in the early hours which is when I get time to do my surfing.  I don't always do the sensible thing before I go back to sleep and just watch/read uplifting things but I do try.  James from the Wingmakers site seems to be able to lull me back to sleep.

I've enjoyed reading all your posts, thank you Mary for opening up your heart so that we could all open up ours.

with much love to you all


James from the Wingmaker Site also lull me to sleep!  I find myself exclaiming aloud-- "Wow! There is much truth to that! "  and feeling my heart open--- then getting very very tired and falling into a deep sleep!  I thought it was just me... But I am happy to know another has the same experience.


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I have the same experience when listening to James!   (I love that deep voice) I try to make sure there is a soft landing place close by before starting to play one of his interviews. lol !  I don’t know if it is the intense integration needed after listening that requires an almost immediate and deep unconsciousness, but it happens almost every time.  (My sister claims the same thing happens to her too.) 


What great intentions to start your day with, Val.  How neat that you start your day with Thank You’s and Blessings.   Thank you for sharing  ~  and by the way...it’s never too late to join in.Smile


With Love,


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LOL... just saw this post and wanted to chime in.  Only about a month late.  :)

As far as bringing in my spirituality into my day, I will often do a little bit of energy work while in traffic on the way to work.  I generally send positive morning energy to the people in the cars around me.  Then, specifically to the school bus drivers (and passengers), construction workers, truckers that are on the road that morning.  I send them gratitude and wish them safety on their journey.  Usually, that leads me to sending gratitude to all the people of my community, and of the world, who do jobs that I would not, or could not do - garbage collectors, and rocket scientists, and teachers, and nurses.... This sets my day in motion to be in gratitude and humility.

One thought I've been working on (or playing with) over the last week is:  Imagine that every thing that you see, feel, and experience is made for you, specifically.  I imagine that the grains of sand that turned into silicon that turned into a computer chip, that is now plugged into my laptop became computer chips specifically to serve me.  That every person, and every material, and every engineer and computer programmer that had anything to do with this gift of my laptop that sits in front of me, KNEW that they were helping me.  Specifically me.  Oh, and this also goes for the goose poop that a goose lovingly gifted me on the sidewalk on the way into work today - to remind me that the goose population has lost its wide open spaces and now has to hang out in parking lots.  

As you can see, I'm working on gratitude lately.  It's amazing how much we have to be thankful for!

Much love and light to you!


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I look people in the eye when I pass them in the hall.  I smile, and say hello.  I ask them how they're doing, and wait to hear the answer.  If they sound like maybe they're not doing great, I'll stop dead in my tracks and listen if they want me to.  It sounds so self-evident, but there are days when I am sure that if I wanted to, I could spend 8 hours at work and speak to no one.  I now walk around with my head up.  If anyone even looks my way, I give them a big smile and hello.  Lots of people don't even know what to do with that.  Have we really contracted that much into ourselves that it's hard to say hello?  Yikes!




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OMG girl… you actually look people in the eye and say “hello”?   What – oh- what  are you thinking??   LOL !!   

I agree… It’s time we bring our heads up and our hearts out.   Take some of that love that wells up from the center of our being and let it overflow and get it all over everyone.      


I Love your thoughts on Gratitude.  It made me look around with new eyes and new thoughts….. and more gratitude.   I’ve also been working on gratitude lately and find that it just keeps growing.  I wish there was a bigger word than “thank you” in our language.  Some days it just doesn’t seem to cut it!   Some days the synchronicity is so incredibly amazing and life brings me gem after gem after gem, that I feel like I am about to collapse into a slobbering, weeping mess of “thank you’s”.   I heard one time that bliss will take some getting used to.   I laughed then.  But I think it may be true.   I can only say to you as you are practicing gratitude….. watch out….. It grows at amazing rates!


Thank you for sharing your wonderful, intelligent and loving self, Kathy!


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Chris et alia,

I have to say that, although I do have some reservations about even the old Wingmakers website (notwithstanding that I love most of it), and definitely more reservations about the new website in light of Fred's examination of it, there wasn't one thing that James said in all twelve segments of his interview that didn't resonate for me.  In fact, there were three or four major points he made that I especially needed to hear right now.  My left brain wants to figure him out and find things that I can mistrust, but my right brain is telling me not to waste my time and effort and to just trust my immediate perception.  What a mystery...  I will definitely listen to it again soon, very carefully. 

Thanks for the post.  It's one of the best I've ever seen here.

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Hey Bob.  I had a similar experience, going from the time when Fred and I were sending questions to Mark and James dealing with inconsistencies, to the time when I began reading some of the Intelligent Heart related James papers, and then listening to James and Mark discuss everything in that interview was such a resonating closer for me.

I do not know why the inconsistencies are included in something (assuming authenticity for a moment) that could have been void of any, given the alleged advanced teaching system of the Lyricus Teaching Order for what could very well be millions of years now.  I just plain stopped being concerned about the handful of nonessential inconsistent details I was once concerned with, given the core of the message directed toward the right brain and intelligent heart, the very place we must return to to remember who we are, individually and collectively.  Studying inconsistencies is a left brain exercise, and when one considers how extensive is the illusory framework of this 3rd density conscious existence, one could easily find one's self spontaneously laughing out loud at the somewhat trivial revelation...

Not to mention how much the overall message James and LTO offers is so very well aligned with some other very good intelligent heart related sources, one very good example being Barbara Marciniak, another being the Law of One RA sessions from 1981.  I guess I would even include A Course in Miracles and the Council of Nine deep channelings via Phyllis Schlemmer from a time just prior to the Law of One sessions...

I still hold in reserve that it is remotely possible that Mark Hempel is a very intelligent and well-informed individual who has taken a mix of esoteric sources and created this very imaginative and brilliantly elaborate spin that showcases the finer points of those sources in such a creative way, but I definitely lean toward taking them (James, the Lyricus Teaching Order, the other handful of individuals from the LTO conducting their assignments on earth as per well-orchestrated LTO protocol for humanoid species at the threshold of re-cognition and expanding consciousness) at face value, "Prima Facie".

All my favorite esoteric sources have me looking toward the intelligent heart for the road home, as well as some physicists who have been moved in that direction by their discoveries....  LLP, Chris

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Hi, all.

Just a quick thought while I was reading this... could it be that there are minor, inconsequential inconsistencies to keep the left brain busy, while the right brain absorbs the information?  



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Something James said in the interview may be the answer to that question Kathy.  He said that there is something for everybody.  He used the analogy of a tall building with many entrances.  But one thing dominates the methodology the LTO uses - to use mythology to minimize ego involvement and maximize intelligent heart related encoded material in anything from storytelling to papers written, to poetry and philosophy, all of which are part of the WingMakers material.

My ego is still curious why there are any inconsistencies at all because I do not believe they are accidents or oversights, but it is still possible they are.  It may be just a complimentary offering to allow exercise of suspicion that may already be a predisposition in some.  In any case, there is definitely something for everyone in the WM/LTO methodology.

Another interesting thing to consider is that there is an ongoing well-planned rollout of information as humankind moves toward the projected time of grand portal discovery and scientific validation/discovery of the soul, somewhere around 2080 as the story goes.  One of the best lessons to learn from the WM format is the mythological standard used, for we live in a mythological illusory construct, and maybe that is the initial lesson that needs to be fully grasped to get past any frustration with the ongoing claim by Mark and James that the whole story is encoded mythology.

We get hung up on words and terms because we are stuck in a very dominant belief system that WM/LTO calls human mind system.  As the story goes, there are so many layers to this very dominant and pervasive human mind system that even after physical death, when one is in the astral planes, he or she is still very much dominated by this very well constructed and established human mind system that has held humankind in psychological bondage for eons now.  The WM/LTO literature even claims that Avatars like Jesus and Buddha were and are within the very thick fog of this human mind system, just very much closer to breaking free of the psyche gravity of the system.

We were bred to be slaves some time ago when the original experiment was interrupted by STS factions.  Divine entities lured towards and tricked into not remembering their divine and very soveriegn heritage inviolate integrity.  But since we are sovereign co-creators, we are still responsible, or response-able for every decision we make, so here we are, generation after generation, playing the same old broken record, incarnation after incarnation, each time egos thinking it is happening for the first time.  The ironic part is that the original designers of this STS ruling class construct are most likely long gone after using us to mine whatever they were after eons ago, and the 13 ancient bloodlines so familiar to anyone who has studied the illuminati or incunabula are simply those who picked up where others left off.

It really doesn't matter if all the details mentioned here are correct.  What really matters is that humanity re-realizes its sovereign heritage of the divine, for we are co-creators with free will, and can never stop being that which we are.  There is no end to this, and if we wish to play broken records for eternity, that is our inviolate right.  And if we wish to move on, to pick up where we got sidetracked by someone else's game, we can do that too... It is impossible for us to be victims, for we never stopped Being who we were and are, even while dreaming that we did stop Being who we are, believing we were and are separated from source.  That is impossible, for we ARE Source, for there is only One....

The grand portal discovery is not a physical thing outside of ourselves...  It is humanity's collective Self-realized liberation from the human mind system and the god spirit soul complex (having to do with manufactured psychological bondage via religious dogma/culture/beliefs), and will be our grand entrance to the greater interdimensional galactic community proudly and graciously awaiting our time of awakening from cosmic childhood and irresponse-ability.  Scientific discovery has a big part to play in this major hundredth monkey effect coming in the near future... Again, as the story goes....

Then of course there is the shift of the ages which is coming sooner than any of realize... A shift that will end this game in an instant and begin a new one... one of greater integrity and love.


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