Turn Negativity into Creativity

I've recently (minutes ago) realized that I've completely wandered off the path I used to be on. Back in teh day, whenver I was down or feeling negative, I would play guitar, like crazy, till my fingers bled sometimes, and end up creating something positive with my negative energy. I need to get back to this, I've been dwelling on negativity or just trying to "will it away" which can work for a time, but I think I need to get back to just rocking out like crazy. This week has been terrible at work, and as much as I try to conciously "will it" to be better, its slow going, the universe it not responding to me in that arena this week I guess. Just rocked out hard for 10 minutes and feel great.

So I ask you, what are your creative outlets? If you don't have one, what did you always want to do? The time (before major change manifests) is short by my reckoning so whatever it is I suggest you start it now. It can only serve to help you ground yourself, and transform negative energy into positive energy in these interesting and sometimes trying times.

Cheers, josh

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Hey Josh,


I’ve had that feeling too…. Like I just woke up and remembered that there were things that I figured out previously that used to help me through difficult times…. And then I forgot to use them for so long it was like learning all over again.     Of course sometimes in the remembering…. another little bit of information comes in and the “tool” becomes even more efficient and improved.     Like when you said you used to play until your fingers bled, but in this most recent time… you only rocked out for 10 minutes and felt the rejuvenating effects.    Perhaps the power of your music has intensified.   Or your physical system has been upgraded and can snap back into alignment more rapidly.  Or both.   


I’m still looking for my creative outlets… lol.   I guess I use writing.. or journaling to help me make sense of life when it gets challenging.  (not sure if that would fit the description of a creative outlet though.)   And although I can’t “make” any music – and can’t even sing very well….. I love to turn the music up loud enough to feel it and the movement it creates in my body.  (Only when no one is watching though. lol!)    Singing and dancing always tend to brighten up the day…. Where ever I happen to find myself.  


I thought it was interesting in your other post with the insider and hidden hand…I can’t remember which one said it now – but there was a statement that said there was something important in music.  It was up to us to find it though.   


Keep up the good work of transforming your negative energy into positive.  I think we’ve turned a corner and it is now easily to do than it used to be.  I’ve been trying it on everything – with pretty good success.  And I look forward to getting better at it too.


Double cheers to you,


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"there was a statement that said there was something important in music.  It was up to us to find it though"

I've thought so for a while now, years, since even before I started figuring out "whats 'really' going on." Geometry is frozen music, a quote I heard once (recently) - That says it all if you are familiar with any of David Wilcock's work regarding the ocatave structure of the universe i.e. 7 densities of experience in the universe before you get "back to source", 7 octaves in the range of musical notes before you get back to the first note, 7 coulors in the spectrum of light before you get back to the one you started with. Theres most definitely something there. I've always felt music is an expression of my higher self. It can flow through me (as I'm sure your writing can for you, my writing has sometimes done that for me too)

Don't knock writing as a creative outlet, that was mine before I discovered music and I still know published writers whose main outlet is writing. I know its been mine on occasion (though often in the form of either songs or forum posts)

Kepe up the good work - J

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Interesting thought – “Geometry is frozen music”.  Seems fitting.  I have read some of David Wilcox’s stuff, but just a little here and there.  Very interesting about the 7 densities of experience.  I heard someone once talking about the 7 levels of understanding in communications…. Such as when you read… then re-read a book… and come away with more understanding.  It probably fits right in with all that you wrote about with light and music. 

Have you ever seen this YouTube?




I have this thought running around in my head that this may be a good representation of what we are going through on planet earth.  Could this be sort of a “visual” for the “change” that we feel coming up?  -  Are we are in the process of a vibration, or frequency change?   Could we be at that point in between-  just before it makes a beautiful, geometric pattern?  The chaos/disorder point?  And do you see just how quickly – after it gets fuzzy – or chaotic – that it snaps into the next beautiful form?  Could the changes we will go through happen just that quickly?    Have you noticed that the dial is continually being “turned up” on life? 

Thinking abstract this evening.....






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  this post reminds me that it doesn t matter what does it for you,,it is whatever brings you closest to being in the present,,my tai chi practice does that for me most of the time,,,,,,and over the last year and a half, I have been doing an ancient practice called "swallowing" the moon(during the week of the full moon when its essence is strongest), and the sun just as it rises during the week of the new moon, when it is freshest. For the sun catch it when it just comes up, before it is warm,,inhale and visualize taking a big mouthful of the sun,,hold it for a second, then "condense" and swallow it all the way down to the dan tien. do this 7 times, then stand or sit calmly for 2 or 3 minutes, then go about your daily business........the practice is the same for the moon, but between 8  and 12 pm..the secret is in condensing the energy, and of course in visualizing the gulp of the essence..if you refer back to "what the bleep" and the conversation about o point energy, you will get it..just picture yourself "condensing" to zero point,(your center) as you swallow, keep the body soft, and let it fall down to that center,,yi leads chi..the mind leads chi easily, if you try to push it it is like trying to push water, lead it with your mind and it will go wherever you want..I read this excercise from a book of direct translations of old practices by qiqong masters, and it was considered to be a lifelong practice that eventually changed the human into a fairy in one translation, and or immortality in another,,basically it is a way to absorb the essences at their best, freshest,purest,etc., and like most qiqong, will definitely bring you into the present...........of course it can only be done the first 4 or 5 days of each cycle, but that seems to be when I need it most, and has proven beneficial in my general well being...sorry to ramble about the details, but I didn t want to bring it up without describing it for anyone who might be interested, as it is quite easy, a great excercise for visualization, and has long term benefits,,if one can keep up the practice. the frustrating part is,, if it is cloudy, you can t do it,,I have stood for quite some time waiting for clouds to part at night,,in the morning it is usually too late by the time they pass, as the window is small for the sun,,it can be too warm by the time they pass., and that means too yang, it will overheat you,,,,,,,,of course, this is just what works for me, and my point was, whatever you love to do almost surely brings you to the present, which is wwhere we all strive to be..thanx for the video mary, I had seen it before, but was reminded to send it to a couple of people who I know would love it !......T

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I've recently (minutes ago) realized that I've completely wandered off the path I used to be on. Back in teh day, whenver I was down or feeling negative, I would play guitar, like crazy, till my fingers bled sometimes, and end up creating something positive with my negative energy."....

Used to play drums for an hour, then piano for an hour or two then guitar for maybe 15 min. Sometimes-repeatedly... Listened to records esp. Yes for hours. Then I would read books like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings or Dune for hours. Often rode old Schwinn 20 or 30 miles to visit other towns or see friends or old 2nd hand stores. Would see people or girlfriend at night. Played in a band once-but got fired and out of that despair, mostly gave up drumming(I coulda been a contenda). Had a best friend closer than any male friend before/since. He played drums, piano, guitar too. Women who wanted babies and our full attention pulled us apart and moved us to other states. The power of procreation instinct over happiness. Guess it has to win or wouldn't be here right? An embassassing little reminder we aren't in control of ourselves(or at least I'm not). But I digress.

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Mary, Wilcock had a video on his site that is similar to this. the same thing happens when you vibrate a globe of water with suspended silt in it, however in the globe, the vibrated shapes are 3-D and take the forms of the platonic solids (aka sacred geometry) when vibrated at different frequencies.

Tscout, thanks for the exercise, sounds like something I will want to try out I think. I've felt very connected to nature lately, and get angry or depressed when I don't get outside at least for a good walk for a couple days.

Brian, my bands over the years have always gone their separate ways. For me it was further education first, all my friends stuck around home or ran off and I made the decision to go to University. i had a great band in Uni and we still get together every once in a while (two weeks from now will be the first time for me since the summer). I am married with a baby now, but my wife si very understanding of it. She knows its one of my life goals to have my own recording studio, and I've focused on that goal (in the back of my mind amongst other things) and now I have it - its pretty low tech mind you, just the basics, but it gets the job done. Heres a couple of tunes I put on Youtube:

Synchronicity (Instrumental)

Phase Shift

Life may change but you don't have to give up the things you enjoy, if you are meant to enjoy them. I also read a lot of Lord of the Rings and played loads of video games in that vein for years. I recently found a Lord of the Rings game that I thought was gonna be the coolest thing ever, played it for a month and realized its not really for me anymore. I guess you just evolve out of things from time to time, and sometimes they come back. This has been my experience with music: I've always enjoyed it, and played it, though I'll sometimes go a couple of weeks without even picking up a guitar. Also, I forgot how therapeutic it can be - and I'm getting an old set of drums refurbished for my birthday, so thats just gonna be awesome. I envision a new exercise program based on rocking out haha - should be easier to stick with than some I've tried in the past!

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Thanks for the encouragment Josh. Keep up the good work with your recording. I liked the guitar work-it reminded me of the Beatles sound in places. I do find ways to enjoy music-a drum circle once a month is very therapeutic and I listen to some things over the internet-but I've nowhere to play an instrument and it's very hard on me. I better fix this somehow.


I particpate in a Deeksha Blessing.  I meditate.  I sing arias. I chant the Moola Mantra!   I write and create new blogs... LOL   The other day I baked a double chocolate chip cake from a 110 year old recipe.  I managed to eat a couple of slices before the kiddos consumed the rest of it.  It was super yum~

The times are a changing!  There is a tremendous amount of Energy flowing into the Earth and all of us... Energy is Energy it is up to us to use this energy.  For times like these, create! Create! Create! 

I have a friend named Wolf.  In times like these he goes around building alters and fairyhouses... Long Walks and building with natural materials is very creative. 

Somewhere in my travels I read this  REACTIVE----> CREATIVE  




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For me when I need to escape and settle into mindfulness...........I sew.  I lose myself in creating beautiful colours and shapes with fabric, thread, beads etc

Oh and I do shamanic drumming, not music, more the earths heartbeat but very soothing

It's all good

Heartfelt love to you all


Today I felt as if I were in an earthquake.. no earthquake though... so I lay down on the grass by the big pine tree  amoungst the dandelions, wild violets and self-heal while bees buzzed and robins and doves and chickedees swooped and let the energy flow through me... The sky was the most beautiful blue with gentle puffy clouds and the leaves on the trees an emerald green... With each breathe it seemed as if nature slowed down and I saw that everything around me is happening automatically.  There is nothing that I must do... all is for me to experience... An amazing moment in time... All is happening Automatically.  Such Genius in the Design of the Earth.


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You had a very nice experience there FFG. I liked hearing a simple story about your outside excursion-kind of a lifeline to people who aren't living in the best place right now. For instance, right now the nearest car to me(80 feet and other side of the hotel) is playing bass notes that are giving me a toothache.Yell


Peace, to you Brian.  I used to have these really loud neighbors so everytime they would become loud I would pray that they would find their quiet center and just hug each other.  Then, one day while praying I suddenly in midsentance they stopped their yelling and there was no more yelling.  Two days later they moved out... LOL    The power of Prayer/Intention.

I wish you well. 


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I am the loud neigbour :)

Try not to be obnoxious about it though, andusually give warning to te next houses over before a big jam session. We recorded about 13 songs this past weekend and I felt a very strange energetic change afterwards. The entire week following (and even still) I've had a supernatural energy. It felt like I was on the verge of a heart attack the first day but I think it balanced out and now I'm just "ready to rock" whatever that might mean - weather its work, family stuff, music whatever. I'm charged up and ready, bring on the changes, lets see this new world already!

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Just a little something someone sent to me, good enough to share.


May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.

with Love.

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