Naomi Wolf updates "The End of America" at the NH Liberty Forum

Naomi Wolf does a wonderful job of breaking down the left-right fake opposition, showing how it doesn't matter which side of the isle you are on - all dictators follow the same pattern be they communists or fascists, Bush or Obama.

There's a great little section during the Q & A where she talks about False Flag opps including the Boston Bombing - spread arouns on Patriots Day to commemmorate the Boston Marathon bombing 2 years ago.

Wednesday's Meditation 7/16/2014

This is a special day.  In numerology the day, month, and year are 7/7/7.


Following Wendy's recent post reminding us of the terrible plight of the Palestinian people, I am choosing to focus upon their liberation.  It is my prayer to see the Palestinians and every oppressed person on this planet liberated and free.



Americans Have Less Access to Justice than...

This news may not come as a surprise, but the stats certainly put things into perspective.  Despite popular belief that the U.S. is the Land of the "Free", in reality it looks as though "we're not in Kansas anymore." ~ Noa

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