Healing the Root of All Evil

Hey All,

I was at work today and was doing some end of the year paperwork type stuff. I've been doing a bit of meditation lately and doing my best to send out positive energy to the Earth, and I got thinking:

What if we were to imbue our financial transactions with positive energy?

Part of my job is administration of contracts for construction projects. I eventually sign off on payments for the Contractors, (or at least oversee the payments) and in effect, I direct the flow of some decent quantities of cash.

A new Blog from David Wilcock-Must Read

Greeting my loving sisters and brothers.


David Wilcock wrote a blog yesterday which is so full of great information that I can't begin to brief it so I am posting the link to it.  He observed some wonderful synchronicities in the "Miracle on the Hudson" event Thrusday.  Please read it and let his suggestions sink in regarding seeing ourselves in the world around us.

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