Hi Guys, I just went to my first toastmasters club meeting and I wanted to talk about it here because I feel it is a good next step after taking the transformation course. If we want to wake others up to what's really happening we need good communication and leadership skills. After Fred urged me to read Michael Tamura's book, The Answer is You, even though I'm only half way through the book, I realized that my soul's purpose is to spread the truth but then I realized that first I needed to strengthen my speaking skills.

the Divine Feminine presence

In the New Year, may the Divine Feminine in each of us rise up whenever there is anything less than Love happening around us. Ask Her in, recognize Her in yourself. Her Love, Her Peace, Her Light and Her sacred Love live within each of us simply waiting for us to open our Hearts to all that is in need of Her healing. Love is real. All else is part of the grand illusion. Let nothing diminish the Love we are! Happy New Year!                                   

More Inspiring Thoughts

Hey beautiful friends,

Below is a collection of many of the wonderfully inspiring realizations that either came to me or I heard from others in the year 2006. I was just reading through them and inspired anew, so I thought I'd share them with any who might be interested. Have a most rich and meaningful holiday season.

With lots of love and warm wishes,

Our deeper power is in direct proportion to the degree that we are willing to surrender our power to something greater than ourselves.

Celebrate what's right with the world.

I ran across this video that I thought is worth every single one of it’s 22 minutes.

 I thought I would let you know up front that it is 22 minutes long, in case you don’t have that much time to watch it right now.  I do hope, if this is the case,  that you will come back when you do have time and enjoy it.

Inspirational dedication - Patrick Henry Hughes and his Dad

Hi All,

I haven't had TV in years so I'm sorry if most are familiar with this story already - I'm just now finding out about it myself. This is the story of a child born without eyes and a condidtion that generally makes it difficult to move his arms and legs but with the incredible love and dedication of his Dad is attending college and playing in the college marching band. Here's the link in case the viseo inbed doesn't work:


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