Questions About Life


Is evil ever good?

Is nonsense ever truth?

Are chemtrails and GMOs teaching us how not to be or are some of us beyond such lessons?

Does greed and war serve a purpose or are they anti-everything that is divinely designed to be?

And is it right to accept such awful things as just another way for life to express itself?

Can causing death ever promote life?


What if people lived through their hearts?

Would we allow a more beautiful world to exist?

Lessons Learned


I recently experienced an evolution in consciousness, and as always, the Gathering Spot is my place of choice for sharing. Circumstances have given me the opportunity to take some time, step back from that thing that I consider to be me, and objectively assess myself – warts and all.

The Divine, Co-creative Process of Life

At the deepest, most expansive level of consciousness, each of us has within ourselves full access to All That Is. We are all interconnected through this innermost place, where our mystical connection to all beings is found.
In some mysterious way, each of us is an ever-changing manifestation and reflection of the collective consciousness of all beings. In other words, the divine collective of All That Is somehow created us in its own image, and continues to create through us in every sacred moment.

CoSM: The Movie

This is one of lightwins' movie picks.  Had to share it.  Amazing! 

Part I

Part II

Talk about using one's gifts!  It's not at all what I expected from an art documentary. 

Beautiful.  Transformative.  It's almost like a meditation.




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