Questions About Life


Is evil ever good?

Is nonsense ever truth?

Are chemtrails and GMOs teaching us how not to be or are some of us beyond such lessons?

Does greed and war serve a purpose or are they anti-everything that is divinely designed to be?

And is it right to accept such awful things as just another way for life to express itself?

Can causing death ever promote life?


What if people lived through their hearts?

Would we allow a more beautiful world to exist?

Wetiko Psychosis

This topic is in response to Waakzaam’s post under the forum topic: “Wishing I had seen the PNAC document before 9/11.”   I thought the article referenced by Waakzaam should be given its own topic.

It’s a long article, so below, I’ve summarized some important parts for you.

From http://www.awakeninthedream.com/wordpress/?p=534

The Chosen One, and What is evil?

I very much enjoy Bikram yoga sessions once a month. I often have great inspirations as a direct result of one of these 90-minute sessions of intense 105-degree heat. I go in with a clear intention every time and invariably get some rich, and sometimes unexpected realizations dealing with this intention. Below is what I wrote after two particularly rich sessions last year. The first deals with the concept of "the chosen one," while the second one tackles the question "what is evil?"

A Rant I Like

There's a guy named Frosty Woolridge whose screeds occasionally show up on Rense.com.  Generally, I tend to think he's a nut job.  Sometimes I agree with what he's saying, sometimes I can't even figure out what he's saying.  Tonight I came across his latest essay, which is so well-put that I'm just going to copy and paste.  This is what is on so many folks' minds but they're afraid to say i

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