The Divine, Co-creative Process of Life

At the deepest, most expansive level of consciousness, each of us has within ourselves full access to All That Is. We are all interconnected through this innermost place, where our mystical connection to all beings is found.
In some mysterious way, each of us is an ever-changing manifestation and reflection of the collective consciousness of all beings. In other words, the divine collective of All That Is somehow created us in its own image, and continues to create through us in every sacred moment.

At the same time, as all levels of our individuated consciousness interact with the world we perceive, each of us is constantly creating the world in which we live as a manifestation and reflection of all that is within us. Our individuated consciousness together with the collective consciousness of all of us and of All That Is are in some mystical way continually mirroring and co-creating each other.
Once we open to this place of infinite power and wisdom within and take full responsibility for our role in this co-creative process, we can transform any part of our lives and world. Each of us can literally create new realities through consciously tapping the infinite power within.

Once we choose as our deepest intention to co-create together a world that supports and nurtures the divine essence in all of us, both individually and collectively, our entire world and universe will gradually dance with us in ever more expanding harmonies filled with sacred love.

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