Questions About Life


Is evil ever good?

Is nonsense ever truth?

Are chemtrails and GMOs teaching us how not to be or are some of us beyond such lessons?

Does greed and war serve a purpose or are they anti-everything that is divinely designed to be?

And is it right to accept such awful things as just another way for life to express itself?

Can causing death ever promote life?


What if people lived through their hearts?

Would we allow a more beautiful world to exist?

Beauty, Peace and Godliness Will Again Reign Upon the Earth

My Dear Friends,

Do you ever wonder what happens while you are asleep? Or what happens in your dreams? What will it be like after you pass over into the next dimension after physical death? Where is mankind headed? Is there any one that will help you if you need it?

Dream of the Clan, Wild Nature, Death & The Last Desire

It started with me standing in front of a long hallway full of desks. Each of the desks was a checkpoint at which they gave tests to pass the members through the endless bureaucracy of artificially created meaning towards the inner circles of their religion. The clan, the cult, supposedly it was all by choice. On some level it was.

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