Questions About Life


Is evil ever good?

Is nonsense ever truth?

Are chemtrails and GMOs teaching us how not to be or are some of us beyond such lessons?

Does greed and war serve a purpose or are they anti-everything that is divinely designed to be?

And is it right to accept such awful things as just another way for life to express itself?

Can causing death ever promote life?


What if people lived through their hearts?

Would we allow a more beautiful world to exist?

Awareness as an answer

Dear Everyone,

Fred suggested that I post the below as a separate forum topic, although it was he who called if forth as a response (slightly edited here) to his post under this same forum titled "Inner Pioneers: We ask questions from the inside out."  Thanks, Fred.  It's wonderful that we can all call forth things from one another to share.  It's as if (or maybe actually) we're all just nodes of the same conscious Being, wishing to be more conscious.


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