Top Physicist discredits Global Warming "Consensus"


Top Physicist Bolts from Global Warming ‘Consensus’ And Says Obama Backed ‘Wrong Side’

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Freeman Dyson is a 91-year-old theoretical physicist who was a contemporary of Einstein at Princeton, has received multiple international awards for his scientific efforts, and has published numerous books and papers on a wide range of topics.

Dyson is criticizing scientists who advance what he describes as an ‘agenda-driven’ perspective on global warming.

In an interview with The Register, Dyson responded to questions about the forward he just wrote for a scientific paper that confronts the “overrated” concerns about CO2 in the atmosphere:

“That is to me the central mystery of climate science. It is not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to obvious facts?”

Dyson, who describes himself as 100% Democrat, strongly disagreed with President Obama:

“It’s very sad that in this country, political opinion parted [people’s views on climate change]. I’m 100 per cent Democrat myself, and I like Obama. But he took the wrong side on this issue, and the Republicans took the right side.”

Part of the issue, according to the interview and the CO2 paper, is that the scientific models that have been used to predict climate outcomes have been wrong:

“What has happened in the past 10 years is that the discrepancies between what’s observed and what’s predicted have become much stronger. It’s clear now the models are wrong, but it wasn’t so clear 10 years ago. I can’t say if they’ll always be wrong, but the observations are improving and so the models are becoming more verifiable.”

For example, NASA has admitted that it is unable to explain a 17-year hiatus in an average global temperature increase, which has led to 95% of manmade global warming projections being false.

Explaining why this refusal of scientists to adjust their opinions when confronted with facts that seemingly refute their manmade global warming hypothesis, Dyson gives a couple of reasons.

He suggests that there has been a confusion between “pollution,” something definitely man-made and solvable, and “climate change,” a feature of nature and mostly beyond the control of humanity.

Furthermore, he also asserts that there’s not only a “large community of people who make their money by scaring the public,” but an element of groupthink at play, as well:

“Real advances in science require a different cultural tradition, with individuals who invent new tools to explore nature and are not afraid to question authority. Science driven by rebels and heretics searching for truth has made great progress in the last three centuries. But the new culture of scientific scepticism is a recent growth and has not yet penetrated deeply into our thinking. The old culture of group loyalty and dogmatic belief is still alive under the surface, guiding the thoughts of scientists as well as the opinions of ordinary citizens.”

Dyson concluded with an assertion and an appeal to dispassionately evaluating facts:

“Climatic effects observed in the real world are much less damaging than the effects predicted by the climate models, and have also been frequently beneficial. I am hoping that the scientists and politicians who have been blindly demonizing carbon dioxide for 37 years will one day open their eyes and look at the evidence.”

If anything, Dyson’s disputation of manmade global warming just adds to the list of scientific voices who are bucking the received “consensus” on temperatures.

[Source of this article, The Independent Journal : ]


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The above post is intended as the continuation of a discussion on global warming begun under Gary's topic, "McKenna...the great", on Oct. 26.  Seems like it was substantial enough to have its own string.  And it's a topic that doesn't want to go away.

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I plead ignorance A-gnostic.  Just don't understand the subject enough to know what to think anymore.  We've been lied to so often that it just makes me want to tune out sometimes.  If Dyson and others are correct in their assessment & conclusions, I wonder what chemtrail geo-engineering intending to do???

I guess they could still be attempting to mitigate a global warming episode that is being caused by other factors (like was discussed in other forum post)...

or if global warming is not the motivation for the very pervasive chemtrail dispersion worldwide, what is???

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Such a frustrating subject.  here's Michael Mann's website for more on the subject...

Michael E. Mann

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This latest study, claiming that we aren't seeing the heat in the air, because it's gone to the oceans is the kicker for me. Heat rises and obviously the oceans can only be getting warmer because the heat is coming from below, not above. That would be because of increased volcanic activity and would be consistent with the fact that the other planets are warming up as well.

The earth has spent a long time in ice age and we are lucky to be living in a time when there isn't one. The worst, most inhospitable to life desserts on the globe are the arctic and antarctic - if the earth goes back to another ice age, life as we know it is severly threatened.

If the earth warms up - so what? We have to move a big farther from the coasts at worst or at best we put our engineering skills to work building large dykes. A few places might become dessert (US bread basket) but they will be replaced by normally cooler places becoming good areas for agriculture (Canadian and Siberian bread baskets). Yes a few cold adapted species might not make it but the most diverse areas of the planet are the rain forests, which should thrive and enlargen so I think species diversity as a whole should increase.

My best guess about chemtrails is that they are trying to cool down the earth, but not as a plan to "save" the earth from global warming but as part of an evil alien plan to reduce human population by making the earth too cool for us native african monkeys to tollerate it easily. Let's face it - there seems to be an agenda to soft kill us in a miriad of ways.

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The national weather service has now placed a gag order on employees.

Also, check out the link provided in the first comment - the government is asking school children to count "contrails".

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Hurricanes no more frequent than in past and other global warming related material from French Mathematicians.

and this from the other side - deniers are well funded


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The lies are becoming so blatant that you'd have to be in denial past your eyeballs not to see at least one. After you've recognized the first lie, the question becomes, "What else are they lying about?"  Someone here asked recently, if such and such a conspiracy is really happening, where are the whistleblowers?  Reading articles like the above one make that clear.  At the age of 91, Dyson doesn't have much to lose.  There have been a few brave whistleblowers over the years, but most are silenced by death threats, loss of funding or paycheck, destruction of careers, etc. 

IMO, spraying us with chemtrails kills several birds with one stone --  it weakens our immune systems, contaminates food, air, and water, and it's part of of weather modification, genetic engineering, and eugenics.  Since chemtrails are so heavily ladened with aluminum, is it any wonder that Monsanto's GM seeds are engineered to be aluminum-resistant?

We can't wait for a whistleblower or a politician with a conscience to come save us.  Each of us must decide what kind of a world we want to live in and then claim it for ourselves. 

I think Max Igan's idea of forming small groups of five is an excellent one.

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I also don't know what to make of the subject anymore and have thrown my hands up in exasperation. I have repeatedly seen evidence to sway me in BOTH directions.

I have to say that it's been my prayer for global warming to be solved so that climate doesn't go nuts. If it turns out to be a hoax or just a mistake -AWESOME!! That's my current default position.

If it turns out to be really caused by us and we could have slowed it down... That possibility weighs on me like a stone. I feel like I'm lazily gambling with my children's future. It is exactly what many supposedly legit scientists are shouting. I hope I live long enough to be sure the danger has passed and that it has passed.

Here is a web page with cool maps. About the 8th or 9th in (see"Carbon Dioxide and Wanes") shows yearly CO2  expanding then disappearing due to plants! Very interesting. Every spring it starts getting absorbed fast! Peace you guys.

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in geo history the Earth spends more time in a cleansing ice age than it does in the climate conditions we have been fortunate enough to experience for our lifetimes.  Long enough for us to come to this place where we wonder if it is us or a change toward a new geo season.

One things for sure - the Earth can take much much more than we can.  We will kill ourselves before we truly threaten this planet's longevity.  It would take a disastrous astrological event, to do to the Earth what most likely happened to Mars....

I sometimes think of the movie The Matrix, where humanity is described as a virus due to our overall behavior in any given habitat.  Funny, the virus that imagines there's a god that loves them, LOL

No other sentient being ponders such things (as far as we know, but what do we know), and no other sentient species so threatens on such a mass scale other sentient species...

The irony of ironies....

maybe that is the result whenever a sentient being begins to believe that they are more special in the eyes of their imagined god, more special than all the others.  and that all the others are theirs/ours to do with whatever they/we wish....

so goes the effect of humanity's imagined dominant superiority cause

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Here's another one. This one says we can measure glabal temps to 1/10th of a degree, the last one says about 0.4 of a degree so the 2 vidoes contradict one another. Who knows what to believe?

One thing that I do know - fear of global warming can be used to push classic nuclear fission that is far more threatening to the planet than the kind of global warming most scientists are talking about.

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"Hurricanes no more frequent than in the past..."  Yes.

When news/weather people speak about a hurricane being "big" or "powerful" they usually ask "Does this mean global warming is to blame?" There not being any reliable data for them to answer the question with. And so you ask the question, but without an answer I think your brain says "Where there's smoke, there's fire"

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I just did a quick click on the link posted above:  Michael E. Mann

Admittedly, I didn't read any of Mann's interviews, but I have to question anyone who blames climate change (aka global warming) soley on carbon dioxide.  Hello, CO2 is one of the building blocks of life.  Without it plants couldn't breathe, and without plants we couldn't breathe!

It's funny how few scientists actually equate fluxuations in earth temperatures with the activity of the sun.  Solar flares have been particularly active in recent years, just as they have been during such cycles in earth's historical past.


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"but I have to question anyone who blames climate change (aka global warming) soley on carbon dioxide.  Hello, CO2 is one of the building blocks of life.  Without it plants couldn't breathe, and without plants we couldn't breathe!"

 How if something is natural is it impossible for it to do harm? Seal yourself in a box or put a bag over your head and see if all natural Carbon Dioxide doesn't put an end to you. Just saying. Even too much oxygen is bad. It's without a doubt the weakest possible argument against global warming because it ignores basic facts and even human wisdom about how too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

I told my three young adult children last week that I was feeling strongly persuaded that Global Warming was not true and that the models were not accurate and they were all extremely disappointed in me. The thing is I did feel embarrassed. My instinct keeps telling me the science and models are closer than the arguments against it and I have to follow my instincts.

About the arguments I've heard on the Internet that the whole Solar System is warming:It seems completely refuted by this astronomer:


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Should of heard James Hansen on Democracy Now (live from Paris "COP21") this morning.  We set to hit the 1C marker (above pre-industrial levels) this year and look at all the floods, droughts and stronger energy in storms around the globe.  If we get to 2 or 3 degrees C estimates on current path we are on, with China and India coming on strong, petro still the cheapest "carbon" energy, there will most likely be so much displacement of peoples from flooded coastal areas that it will be completely unmanageable for world governments.

james hansen - Google Search

Climate Scientist James Hansen Warns World is on Wrong Track to Prevent Runaway Global Warming | Democracy Now!

Earth to cross 1°C warming marker this year for the first time | Ars Technica

And these talks in Paris are complete and utter BS.  None of the top ten countries responsible for 70% of carbon emissions are sincerely willing to do the right thing by all the others on this planet.  Poster child for current human insanity is in the Maldives where the military overthrough the president there, placed him on a prison island and invited the big oil companies to come propose plans for drilling in the Maldives area.

The Maldives where all the islands are no more than a few meters above sea level.

YeeeeeeeeeHaawwwwwwww, ride that friggin horse into the sea insane suicidal idiot morons.....

and by the way, even if there were no real threat from carbon emissions CO2; trashing the planet on ground, in air and sea the way we do with such wreckless abandon these days is just plain unacceptable for a species that thinks so highly of itself...

Maldives president ousted in US-backed coup - World Socialist Web Site

Maldives invite oil companies to drill - Google Search

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The earth was created as a perfectly functioning ecosystem before man came along and upset the balance.  IMO, blaming climate change on CO2 is the weakest argument global warming alarmists have going.

If we trusted nature more maybe we'd realize that God doesn't make mistakes.

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 I wonder if I will regret taking the time to re-evaluate my position on global warming.

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The truth shall set us free.

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My two cents on this one is that it really doesn't matter if global warming is a real or fabricated hypothesis manufactured by another faction that wants a society in fear. I'm not saying it doesn't matter-just that it has little impact on how I live my daily life. I was raised by women that washed out plastic bags, wiped off aluminum foil and reused it, cut up old clothes for cleaning rags and used things like vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. We separated our garbage, recycled cans, shut off the tv a couple nights a week for family game nights etc. My policy regarding higher gas and oil prices has been combine trips, drive only when I have to, wear more clothing in winter, consume more home grown produce and less big agra meat, stop using anything Monsanto, Dow or any large corporation without a conscience produces ... I believe we need to conserve, we need to respect the gifts we are given by the planet, and like the video above says we need to "STOP BEING AFRAID".  I also believe there is a Divine Plan, orchestrated by a power Higher than any we even really understand.  Earth changes, climate and otherwise, though impacted by how we live upon her, are beyond the understanding of our scientists (some of the same ones producing all the SH*T we DO know is dangerous).  So here is my solution (I said MINE!) 

I go on with my life.  I teach my children to be frugal, to use resources wisely, to not waste food, money or their time on things that do not nurture us as a human family.  I teach them that fear is the absence of love, just as hate is. I trust the Mother.  I believe she wants all life upon her to thrive. WE need to stop fighting everything and remember the natural cycles that we all once knew.  We live in boxes with artificial light and heat, when we need to step outside barefoot and get back to understanding where we came from.  Otherwise we're still mucking about in the mud not getting anywhere much.  I don't believe in living in the past, I believe in learning from it.

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Like Brian, I also have a kind of intuitive feeling about this.  Why "on Earth" would so many prominent scientists sound so darn concerned about CO2 levels and the associated greenhouse effect (in their expert opinions) if there were not some truth to their so obviously apparent concerns?

I'm not making an argument for or against with that, just saying it intuitively concerns me (like that intuitive inner voice sense of warning), the uneducated layman, when I see this many experts in the field display such apparently honest and heartfelt concern.

Then again, science has a tendency to behave much like a religion in times past, times when the majority community of scientists were dead wrong when being so sure about their conclusions.  I just don't know what to think anymore about this, and I am already living about as conservatively as I can without moving to the wild somewhere and living off grid.  I was able to put a check mark to every one of those things Kristyne mentioned, and more (we don't eat meat).

I lean ever so slightly toward believing there is something to these concerns about global climate change being caused by man's actions.  But am also very much convinced that the Earth herself is capable of opening up in places, letting off some sulfer dioxide steam, and causing her own nuclear winter and associated ice age.  One thing's for sure - she can take much more turbulance and adverse weather conditions than mankind can.  It is the one truth that trumps this climate change concern.

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The answer to your question Chris, " Why "on Earth" would so many prominent scientists sound so darn concerned about CO2 levels and the associated greenhouse effect (in their expert opinions) if there were not some truth to their so obviously apparent concerns?"  is simple.  Scientists depend on grant funding for their research.  If they buck the status quo their funding is pulled and they are discredited.

If you believe that the mainstream media is controlled and paid for by self-serving rich people, why would you not believe the same is true about scientists?   Follow the money.   This global warming scare is all about the carbon tax, and the carbon tax is all about stealing more of our money.

I just watched a video filled with statistics which showed that the carbon tax currently crippling Australian taxpayers at a tune of billions of dollars will only save less than half a percent of carbon.   (Sorry, my figures aren't totally accurate and I can't find the video now.)  So here's another video that debunks the carbon tax "solution" to "global warming."   So if Americans want to be crippled by the same outlandish tax, go ahead and keep falling for the lies.


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Ah, I just found that video.  It's riddled with statistics, which may bore you, but it does show just how ridiculous this whole carbon tax scam is.

(Oops, my apologies.  This is the same video that both Wendy and I posted above.)  Check it out.



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I still believe that there are scientists that are true to their cause.  You are implying that there are none, or at least that the vast majority of these concerned climate scientists are bought-and-paid-for shills.  I do not have enough evidence of this to be as certain as you are Noa.

Here in the Spokane WA area we just had our worst wind storm ever, more power outages than our ice storm of 1996.  Tomorrow we are going to have another wind storm with similar wind speeds of the one we just went through, anticipating similar damage to the electrical infrastructure.  We have been having oddly mild winters here in the NW for the past 8 or 9 years while the NE keeps getting blasted with record snow fall.

There is evidence all over the globe of extreme changes in climate.  Its not whether or not we are experiencing climate change.  Its whether or not man is largely responsible or is it just a change of season for the planet.  I don't know enough about the subject to be sure what's the actual cause, but it is blatantly obvious that something is happening.

I am convinced we are collectively in the shit on so many levels these days.  So much so that I sincerely believe the best thing for all life on this planet is if there were a die off of humans because our actions are a direct cause of so many 1000's of species dying off and going extinct for so long now.

We truly are the virus described so well in the movie The Matrix, and I am truly ashamed of our collective willingness to go down the same road as Easter Island when we have such great potential for knowing better and doing better.

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What I said about humanity is a very personal opinion, and will obviously be very unpopular.  I just don't see us collectively changing for the better without some kind of catalyst, and I fear that catalyst will come in the form of disaster leading to die off.

There is little proof in human history for me to garner hope from, and a lot of historical evidence that could easily lead one to my conclusion.  I am just personally integrating the worst case scenario while holding out some hope for some kind of upside surprise....

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          The masses have indeed been herded into destroying the clean air and water on this spaceship. Alternative energies have been available for at least 60 years, and probably much longer. That includes clean alternatives to every aspect of our lives. But they have hoarded while they herded, so their idea that they are superior in any way is a big joke, and hopefully, at some point, the joke will be on them.....

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Chris, I understand what you're saying, and we humans certainly have done many destructive things.  But, as you say, "we have such great potential for knowing better and doing better".  To me that translates as: human beings are good and loving at heart, and they (we) have a destiny to live that and transform our society and world.  And so I can't go with "I sincerely believe the best thing for all life on this planet is if there were a die off of humans".  No to say that that might not happen and that some good to the planet may even come of it, but I think that, if we were to consider it as an essential view of human-being, is dangerous.

This kind of view -- that we humans as a whole are the main problem on this earth -- is exactly what the elite are pushing, it's the basic rationale behind globalism (central control of everything by the elites who are convinced that they are truly illumined and above the benighted masses who blunder about ruining everything), behind UN Agenda 21 -- a truly frightening document.  A big part of Agenda 21 (the elites' agenda for the 21st century) involves reducing the population drastically and herding whoever is left into a relatively few high-rise urban centers, leaving the vast expanses of land on all continents unpopulated and left to wildlife (and, I'm sure, to the villas of the elite, who will not be bound by the severe restrictions imposed on the mindless herd).  It's these interests who have, I'm certain, infiltrated the environmental movement, which in itself is a good thing, but in the hands of sociopaths who use only their minds and not their hearts with which to "grok" life and the world, we can expect -- or at least suspect -- a distorted picture of what's happening in the natural world and why. 

So I think the main problem on this earth is not the mass of humanity, although we collectively need to clean up our act here (we can all agree on that), it is these very same elites who blame the mass of humanity for trashing the earth.  Yes, we do carry responsibility here, but it's mainly in allowing the elites to trash not only the planet, but cause incredible suffering for people the world over, with their wars and their insistence on polluting energy sources that they own to name only two major abominations.  This is the biggest and more destructive false-flag attack of all: causing the near ruination of the planet and blaming it on the mass of humanity, who therefore needs to be controlled in every way. And, yes, we have allowed these infants terribles -- spoiled, out-of-control children -- to get away with it.

Our destiny is not to be made to cower in high-rise prisons (that's what these dwellings would be, in essence), but to be awakened stewards of the earth.  There's far more compassion and wisdom in the mass of humanity, potentially, than in the shriveled beings of the sociopaths currently in control.

And yet, yes, they are part of us.  Part of the human family, even though they wouldn't agree.  I remember reading a quote from H.G. Wells, who regarded the elites (of whom he was a one) almost as another species (his term), far superior to the masses.  I don't have time to find that online, but it's there.

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Mark Twain would agree with you, Chris.  You have good company in any case.

Agreed, Todd.  The elite might be more rightly seen as the most inferior group in the human family, lacking perspective at just about every level -- including conscience, one of the qualities that make us most human in a positive sense.  But I don't want to even think in terms of superior/inferior; I bring it up only because they do.

I know, they are a part of us.  They're the common man but without conscience, totally self-centered and even solipsistic, who by chance (or design) occupy positions of immense power.  Keeps the party lively anyhow.    

End of rant.


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Thanks Wendy

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The fact that some opinions here are so seriously defended without any acknowledgment whatsoever of opposing points I find suspicious and tiresome.

I admire people here who have frugal and conservative lifestyles-I disagree that it's all you can do. We don't achieve much as a society without consensus to action. If you passionately believe Global Warming is a lie used to enslave us get the hell out there and fight. Convince me and refute the numerous voices of consensus so we can fight united against a common enemy and put things right. That is doing more than passively waiting to see how it turns out.

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I think we are trying to convince you, Brian. Just look at the evidence we're posting.  The video posted above by Wendy is very compelling.   Maybe you should take some of your own advice and stop passively believing the mainstream propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

We know we're being lied to about 9/11 and other false flag events.  We know we're being deceived by having GMO foods put into our food supply without labeling.  We know they're vaccinating us with neurotoxins and other poisons.  These are only a few of the methods used to control, deceive, and undermine our well-being.  Why then would anyone readily believe anything they tell us is "true."  Wake up, the government and the psychos behind them are not our friends.

Use your intellect and question everything.  Then decide for yourself what is true.

Contrary to popular belief, truth doesn't require a concensus to be true.

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OOPS ... nevermind, sorry this is the video Wendy posted.


Check this out ... I think this is most likely close to the truth.

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I have a headache in the place in my head where these conflicting versions of the facts swim around in chaos and hunger like a bunch of starving sharks. My effort has been to try to accommodate these "conflicting versions of the facts" and keep accumulating more hoping that somehow I could reach a conclusion. I now believe that's not going to happen. So I will have to just decide willfully what holds the preponderance of plausible explanations for what is happening. and...

I will say that in the back of my mind always are the increasing temperatures I have felt and observed. When I was a kid in NJ every winter we had many weeks of uninterrupted below freezing days and we'd ice skate on Cranbury Lake until we got sick and tired of it. Now it hardly ever freezes long enough to make the ice safe for skating (with a couple of years recently as exceptions). Recently we went 10 to 15 years without a skating day. My parents used to buy snow tires-they make a distinct sound rolling down the road...he doesn't need them anymore. My dad's company ran snow plowing service for IBM and we wouldn't see him for days sometimes. Nope. Winter used to exhaust us with being so long. Now snow usually melts off within a day or two. Flowers sometimes bloom in February...


 My own observations tend to trump the conspiracy arguments for me. It's NOT the scientists-they didn't come first. After a while they began to talk and I just thought they were reflecting what I was seeing.

But why wouldn't my climate scientist-ex-sister-in-law not mention that it's just tree rings or that it's volcano's or that the Sun is warmer than before or all the other arguments put forth? Why would she not account for those things? She's chick'n of losing funding? OK-so she wouldn't tell her only sister that it's not her heartfelt conclusion that GW is true? Really? She's always been an outspoken (embarrassingly so) woman who takes risks and doesn't suffer fools gladly. Why would she not-in a quiet moment-ever admit to her scientist mom and scientist dad and scientist husband that she just couldn't risk loss of funding and so she would have to lie to not admit her supercomputer run models were garbage? They are comfortable and not extravagant-he makes lots of money in computers and they could live anywhere even if she lost her funding. Her mother is wealthy and could help her out if she lost her job. It doesn't add up.

Incidentally, Noa the oceans warm up at the surface from the sun and are colder underneath. This is well established fact and not some notion. Since NOAA and other organizations measure water temps at all depths every year, don't you think they would have noticed if the Earth itself was warming the oceans from the bottom? The planet is being systematically stripped of CO2 converting trees and plants. And CO2 levels are higher than before(it has greenhouse properties)-there are many more polluting vehicles and coal power plants than ever. The oceans are measurably becoming more acidic (apparently a result of processing more CO2) and it's hurting wildlife. Is all of this just an assemblage of lies? I certainly doubt it. Mainstream Media is shit and I don't believe lot's of things they say or support (have you ever watched a compilation of "It's time for War!" news programs leading up to the US invasions-for fack's sake!!!! They are SO in bed with TPTB but not everything is a lie. They also carry factual stories. You will never meet a chronic liar who lies 100% of the time.

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Hi Brian,

I'm glad that you are basing your belief in global warming on personal experience because in the end, that is all we can truly know. My personal experience (with this winter as the exception) has been that temperatures here in Ma have been about the same since I moved here in 1993 but because there is so much variation in weather it is hard to notice warming or cooling over the years. Until I get to see an ice core for myself, it is a case of "he said, she said" and I really can't know for sure who is telling the truth. But like Noa pointed out - the msm is lying about so many other things, I tend to believe the opposite of whatever they are telling us.

I don't believe for a second that your sister is being untrue to you. But you have to understand that she lives in a culture of people who all believe that global warming has been caused by man and they all beleve that partly due to the influence of the funding they receive for research that supports that.There is also CIA influence of academia going on.

The article I lreferenced below was talking about oceans warming at 400 meters below the surface and people (David Ray Griffin) are claiming that warming is due to the warmer atmosphere. I have to wonder if he (and others who are going along with this) were asleep during high school science class or what?

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    Entertain all ideas and thoughts, and points of view,,,then let them go,,,you don't have to "decide" anything,,,, Don't have to be on either "side", If it is truly more than a man made thing,,there isn't anything you can do about it except keep your head, mind,consciousness,whatever, in the right place...Taking a side .only limits your  avenues of response to it. Once we think we know the answer,,,,,,,we're done! Once a consensus is established,,we stagnate.Like that nice lady in the interview said,,,,we know nothing about it

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Remember what Judith said in that interview posted above.  She didn't say there was no global warming.  she simply said it was too complex an issue to know at this point for a fact that man is the primary cause.  she spoke like a logical and sound mind person.  she said there is just too much we don't know, and that the issue has become far too politicized.

she said that solar and wind power will not be enough, so much more research and development for new energy sources will be required.  she said she was not in the business of making policy decisions, but she believes the collective we of the world should be spending more time on preparing for weather disasters and people displacement as the weather worsens due to this global warming trend (that has been happening since the last ice age according to her data).

so the main point I got from her is that global warming is definitely happening, but we don't know near enough about the subject to conclude that man is the primary cause.  that said, we all could do so much more around the world to stop shitting on this exquisitely beautiful planet zooming through a very cold and dark and infinitely large space....

My own personal take on all of this is that man's actions are shortening the time until the next cleansing ice age...  how much?  like Dr. Judith said, we don't know enough about the subject yet to make any specific or accurate determination of cause...

that's what a sane and disciplined scientist is supposed to say.....

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Yes, I agree that warming may be happening (althought I doubt it is due to manmade causes), we should do all we can not to waste resourses in any case, and keeping an open mind about all issues is always the best course of action.


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There are three possible outcomes based on whether we take action to limit greenhouse gases:

1) we go extinct AFTER trying to prevent our extinction (it wasn't man made) (possible cost:hurt economy)

2) we go extinct after NOT trying (maybe was, maybe wasn't caused by us) (not hurt economy before extinction)

3) We don't go extinct because trying saved the habitat enough for our species to survive.

-Choice of acting could prevent extinction

-Choice of NOT acting-cannot prevent extinction

 This is ultimately the only correct way to decide-a cost/benefit analysis.

Please post your answer everybody: "ACT" or "DON'T ACT" without elaboration or argument.

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Sorry I was being an asshole. As Emily Litella would say..."nevermind"



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    I was hoping there was a video with that,,,I really miss her,,,happy holiday Brian,,,,and everyone here

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