The Great Illusions

Not sure if this had been posted before, I did a quick search........

Nice reminder of the need to stay present in all things.

The 6 Grand Illusions


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   Laid out and put forth in a neutral tone,,,more likely to make someone think, rather than respond based on illusion number 4!

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Thanks Ian, reminds me to go back to that site from time to time. I was so impressed when I first came across it and so much intelligent material there to share with others in need of discovering or remembering!  The indigenous piece about leaving oil in the ground is also worthy of watching.

Walk in beauty.       kristyne

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Most awesome, Ian!!! Powerful piece! I will definitely spread the word on that. Thanks so much! With abundant love, joy, and hope, Fred

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Not exactly a grand illusion this one, (and I apologize if a bit off topic) but a grand event just the same.  Maybe you've seen this before, Ian, but a friend just sent it to me today.  Had I been travelling with this crew I'd have rubbed me eyes thinking it was a 'grand illusion'.  Today, it's no longer visible at all. 

Pretty amazing stuff, this living breathing birthing world we live upon.  Reverently, with great Love for the Mother...kristyne   ...

and another article about the same



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   I was going to bring some seeds and start a community there!   Oh,,the blog link didn't work for me, but the article did!

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   Change is coming No more illusions . We are not buying anymore. Look at what is happening in the world right now is  crazy. The banksters are about to lose their power . IMF reset ,Coalition forces tryn to stop this change .

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