Conscious media

Really digging Joe Martino on Collective Evolution channel on YouTube. He sounds like a GRADUATE of the transformation course... Not sure which video to post. Some are more dated or limited in their scope. Anyway...

Check him out if you want!

Awareness as an answer

Dear Everyone,

Fred suggested that I post the below as a separate forum topic, although it was he who called if forth as a response (slightly edited here) to his post under this same forum titled "Inner Pioneers: We ask questions from the inside out."  Thanks, Fred.  It's wonderful that we can all call forth things from one another to share.  It's as if (or maybe actually) we're all just nodes of the same conscious Being, wishing to be more conscious.


A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

Lies, Half-Truths and Manipulations:
A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

We wish to speak with you about a dangerous and treacherous
passage that you are now entering. We spoke to this in our last
communication when we discussed Chaotic Nodes.

From our perspective you are getting closer to the
manifestation of such chaos.

A Message From St. Germain by Mike Quinsey

My Dear Friends,

St. Germain's words speak for themselves, with renewed hope and love for all the people of earth. It is in this promise that I find my greatest hope for humanity and the earth.

God, please give me patience as our new reality unfolds in the months and years ahead.


Carl Azcar

Sacred and Profane

Sexuality is something many of us find difficult to express or discuss. I think it's vastly important for us to understand its sacred aspects. Sex has a spiritual component. It is normal and desirable for sexual partners to experience deep melding, and a passage through worlds where they know not who or where they may begin or end.

Resting Here as This

Resting here as this--what difference does it make? As I sit here, there is awareness of profound stillness within this unknowable source of being. When thoughts arise characterizing the experience, creating or recalling some interpretation that has seemed real to me, one of three things seems to happen. The thoughts may pass through unimpeded, just noticed and leaving no trace, like a bird through the sky. They may be recognized as thoughts and then they unravel within the vast, open sphere of conscious awareness, like a snake untying a knot in itself as it moves, naturally along its way.

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