Simon Parkes: Oct. 2015 Q & A

"Connecting Consciousness"  is a group created by Simon Parkes to connect people of like mind in order to create positive change.  It's also the name of a monthly interview program he does with a guy called JP.  (I find JP detracts from the message, but your experience may differ.)

Cell Towers = Mind Control

Well, it's worse than I thought.  Not only do cell phones disrupt our personal electro-magnetic fields and our brain waves causing tumors, brain fog, etc., but the cell towers are targeting us with electro-smog 24/7, especially while we sleep. One counter-measure is to make orgone.  I'm also looking into building a Faraday cage to protect myself and my electronics.  Lots of videos on Youtube show how to do this simply, cheaply, and effectively.

Alex Collier: The Big Picture

I'm a Johnny-come-lately to the Alex Collier material.  If you, likewise, are unfamiliar with Alex, he has had contact with the ETs from Andromeda since the age of eight.  I resonate very strongly with the Andromedas as a humanoid race and the messages contained in these two videos. 

How to Turn Cellphone Towers into Life Force Generators

Lately, I'm seeing quite a few people here talking about their bouts with depression and/or intolerance to negative news and the general malaise of the world.  The best antidote for depression, I believe, is hope; hope can be generated by taking back your power.  One way to do that is by "gifting" orgonite within your community. 

Not sure how to label this one... What are your thoughts on this?

Hey everyone, i am half way through this video and it's very curious. I am on the fence about some of it, but it is intriguing enough to put it out there. Anyway, if you watch it, please post your thoughts. 

Love you all,



Stop Feeding the Beast

It's easy to feel helpless when the globalists seem to be controlling every aspect of our lives.  But we must remember that the power structure supporting corpocracy relies upon consumers to drive the system.  With that in mind, every buying decision we make can be a powerful act of noncompliance.

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