Cell Towers = Mind Control

Well, it's worse than I thought.  Not only do cell phones disrupt our personal electro-magnetic fields and our brain waves causing tumors, brain fog, etc., but the cell towers are targeting us with electro-smog 24/7, especially while we sleep. One counter-measure is to make orgone.  I'm also looking into building a Faraday cage to protect myself and my electronics.  Lots of videos on Youtube show how to do this simply, cheaply, and effectively.

Transhumanism: The End of Homo Sapiens

I've seen the writing on the wall for years. Ever since I started connecting the dots between covert operations like chemtrails, GMO foods, and Agenda 21 the ultimate plan for humanity is blatantly obvious to me.  It doesn't take a genius to do this, all anyone has to do is to ask the question "why?" and the pieces fall into place.  If you've missed the warning signs, this article puts much of this information into one concise summary. ~ Noa


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