Monsanto is a Monster that Must be Stopped!

Monsanto contends that GMOs are so safe that they don't need to be tested.  How irresponsible and unscientific is that? Chemical companies like Monsanto have turned the earth into a giant science experiment, using us as guinea pigs.   In doing so, they are actually changing the human genome (as well as all life that consumes the GMOs.)  Furthermore, BT corn produces irreversible sterility within 3 generations of animals that eat it. Soon human beings will hit the third generation mark and suffer the same fate.  But by then, it could be too late for humanity.

How to Identify Non-GMO Foods

"Frankenfoods" change the human genome, and in the case of Epicyte corn, they cause irreversible sterility in animals and humans.  While we are still fighting the battle to get GMOs labled, there are a few things we can do now to identify the genetically poisoned foods in order to avoid them.



Monsanto mass lawsuit

I understand the 1st stage of a major lawsuit against Monsanto begins on January 31st. Woohoo!

If you want to lend your signature in support of Farmers and organic seed people etc who are fighting Monsanto in court, there is a place you can sign to say you support them. It's sponsored by FoodDemocracyNow an advocacy group. I get their emails all the time and feel like they are OK folks.

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