Michael Jackson Hologram Performance at 2014 Billboard awards

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I agree, some scary sh*t there. 

I wonder who in Michael's family is/has sold him out as well...being from Motown, there's always been alot of scuttlebutt floating around in my neighborhood regarding Michael beginning way back when he was just the cute little kid, heart of the Jackson 5. How almost unrecognizable he became and the hologram...yikes! 

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Strange that I just happened to watch this video for the first time earlier today.  It popped up on the Youtube homepage, and being an MJ fan, I watched it.  I thought I was seeing an old video; I didn't realize it was a hologram.  But now that you've pointed it out, it's obvious.

I did, however, notice the riot geer and Illuminati symbolism.  I wondered, knowing Michael's feelings, why he would go along with it.  Though it certainly wouldn't be the first time.  I've seen occult symbolism in some of his other videos, but that was when he was well under the thumb of his handlers.

Towards the end of his life, he started recording hints about what was happening to him in songs like, "They Don't Really Care About Us".  Just before his death, he started using words like "control" and "conspiracy."   As well, he told some of his family members and friends that he was in fear of his life.






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I'm very concerned about what the mainstream media is doing to destroy all that is good in our culture. The music industry is no better than the pharmaceutical industry or the military industrial complex. They are plating out porn, fear and ugliness to our children and telling those who reject it that they aren't "cool". It's hard enough to live in this world as an adult, I can only imagine what it must be like to be in high school these days.

This snow job doesn't end with pop culture, I beleive it extends to all that they tell us is "fine" art. If it isn't beautiful, attractive and innocent I'm rejecting it!

Ask yourself why Michael was number 1 - yea, he was a good dancer and singer but he got to be as big as he was because he was willing to hold his crotch on stage, he destroyed his natural features on his face. These kind of things are what the music industry loves - if it was all about good music these folks would be as popular as MJ:

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You make some good points about MJ and the music industry.  Times sure have changed in a hurry.  I remember when television censored Elvis (the pelvis) Presley, allowing him only to be filmed from the waist up.

I have to wonder what the children growing up under the influence of Hannah Montana now think of Miley Cyrus's shameful antics.  I shudder each time I see Hannah Montana paraphenalia in the stores for young children.  What does it say about our culture that we tolerate such "role models"?

Thanks for sharing the Ungar/Mason family music.  I love folk music.  It's beautiful and moving. 

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