Holistic Practitioners endangered?

Just came across this article which speaks of alternative medicine physicians poisoned at a conference and several murdered in the U.S. in recent months, mostly in Florida and the southern states.  First I heard of it and thought I'd pass it on.  Seems a serious situation that is getting little airtime.  Go to to read the entire article.

The State of the Art, Corrosive Counter-Culture & Attack on Beauty

I think it's important to be aware of how the culture is being degraded through the control of good culture and art. I think we tend to focus here at the g-spot on the way the mass media refuses to publish and promote the truth but I think the same process is going on with good art and culture. I hope this link works, I sometimes have a hard time posting these interviews at Red Ice Radio - this interview was done on December 6th, 2013.

Jesse Ventura Drops Some Conspiracy Bombs on MSM

How\'s this for mainstream media coverage?




And if you\'ve never watch Jesse\'s Conspiracy Theory show, you can now watch some of them on Youtube:



U.S. Currency Shows Twin Towers Falling


Why do four of the bills printed by the Federal Reserve depict the Twin Towers falling in progression? 


I first learned about this phenomenon when listening to an interview given by an expert on occult symbolism.  It's is no coincidence; this is intentional Talisman, predictive magic, says Mark Passio.  (I'll be posting more about him later.) 

Rumsfeld: Flight 93 Shot Down

According to the official story, Flight 93, the fourth jetliner commandeered on 9/11/01, was flown into the ground near Shanksville, PA, as a result of a struggle in the cockpit between the hijackers and passengers who had rushed them in an attempt to gain control of the aircraft or otherwise prevent it from crashing into a strategic target, such as the U.S. Capitol.

So why does Donald Rumsfeld say that United Flight 93 was shot down?


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