government corruption

Why Falun Gong Dafa is Banned in China

A beautiful and powerful ancient practice for which the Chinese people have been brutalized.  (Warning, the 1st video contains some graphic images of this abuse.)



Have you heard of this T-scout?  I've download this 2nd video to add to my morning routine.


The Future of our Internet Freedom

I just read an article which might have disturbed me if I wasn't aware of the big changes coming in a few short years anyway.  It seems that our very protective(?) government has already planned, and has the paper work done already, to censor the material and information available on the Internet, to track your and my activity on the net, and to completely block any sources of alternative news

Trillions of Dollars Missing from the DOD & HUD

This is an email from Catherine Austin Fitts Former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Bush I
Former lead financial advisor to FHA, Clinton Administration
Hickory Valley, TN and , Esq
Former lead financial advisor to FHA, Clinton Administration
Cincinnati, OH to Cincinnati radio show hostess, Diane Rehnm

This morning, Carolyn Betts was listening to your radio show in
Cincinatti when a caller mentioned that $2 plus trillion was missing
from the Pentagon. You corrected him saying he had the number wrong -
that it was billions, not trillions.

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