I thought I'd heard just about everything about 9/11 truth and the NWO.  But within the first few minutes, this movie presents unique footage and interviews that are quite revealing.

This is Part 1 of 50 (Yes, that's 50 parts!)


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This Is AWESOME, very very well done. checked it out thanks to the other post, up to 8th part.

:) glad you put this up Noa, i was thinking about doing that to.

did you finish his Ancient Knowledge one ? all of them were great as well part 3 blew me away :)

with peace and love your brother Thomas


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Tonight, I'm watching part 3 of Ancient Knowledge.  Do you know how many there are in that series?

I also downloaded part 3 of Killuminati to watch tonight, so I'm quite a ways behind you, Thomas.  I'll probably post more comments as I go along.

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it ends at 4th theres going to be a 5th but he/she has not finished it yet...i believe the 5th will be the last one, let me know what you think i was blow away by the 3rd, way to many coincidence's for me and that skull is ridiculous, which similar shaped skulls were found at the other locations. i did a bit of digging, really really interesting.

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I have only been able to find 13 parts of the 50 promised to be on Youtube.  Does anyone have additional links?

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