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Thought I'd already heard it all about 9/11 - new 9/11 truth information from Rebecca Roth


Hi Fred-

I have to admit I skipped reading your 9/11 post via e-mail so sorry to everyone if Fred already sent this around. This is very NEW

information - I had even heard Rebecca Roth give interviews before but this is new stuff from even her interviews from a few weeks ago.

Wake Up! How Much Proof Do You Need?

I think most of us here understand that 9/11 was a false flag attack, but for those who need convincing, here, in one convenient place, is just about everything that exposes the lies...


You Can’t Handle the 9/11 Truth
Paul Adams, J.D.
Activist Post

How Do we Discern Truth? Relevant interviews with Alan Watt and Judy Wood

Many of us here have frequently mentioned that they feel a source is valid, that it feels right. While I do believe that this can be a valid way to discern the truth, I don't think we should rely too heavily on it. It's important to recognize that unless you grew up with no TV, our feelings about many things have been influenced by mind control techniques used on us as young children as we sat and watched the Saturday morning cartoons. Alan watt speaks of the specifics of the mind control techniques that we have all been subjected to.

Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist

For a while there I kind of got burnt out of new 9/11 truth videos and documentaries but I felt this one was worth posting. Done by James Corbett of the Corbett Report, I felt it was very well done and appropriate now as it provides good history about Osama Bin Ladin.

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