I liked how this made me feel about being alive

I sometimes have not felt warm and fuzzy toward Neil deGrasse Tyson because he poo poo's ET sightings like most of the scientific community at large (so what else is new?) but...I liked how this brief video made me think positively about you and I being here.  Thanks Neil for the thoughts!

Blue Boat Home


Though below me, I feel no motion
Standing on these mountains and plains
Far away from the rolling ocean
Still my dry land heart can say
I've been sailing all my life now
Never harbor or port have I known
The wide universe is the ocean I travel
And the earth is my blue boat home

The Holographic Universe

When mainstream physicists began to consider the possibility the our observed universe is an illusion, I confess to feeling a tiny bit smug.  It only took 'em about five thousand years, I told myself, to prove what the mystics have said all along. About 25 years ago, a French physicist, interestingly named Aspect, proposed the idea that the universe was a hologram.

Basics of Oneness

I have been a fan of Daniel Jacobs for a couple of years and an avid reader of the channeled material from The Reconnection, the group entity that he channels.   The below is somthing which came to my attention today and felt was very worth presenting on a blog entry here.


Ho'oponopono with life

I found myself on a mountain. Just a little one. A mound, really. But the late sun was still on me and the sky was such a deep, azure blue and the breeze was so fresh and crisp. I was taking my dog out for her evening promenade. I closed my eyes.


With all the discussion today of changes happening, I was suddenly reminded of a poem which I have cherished for many years.  As I read it again I saw how it applies to what we are all doing here.  Take time to consider what Max Ehrmann penned some 56 years ago.



Max Ehrmann


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