The Singing Trees

A raw afternoon, a gray winter's day. Dusk is coming on. I leave my apartment and cross the street. There runs a creek, its wide banks dotted with trees and boulders. Sweet flags and cattails cluster and sway. Sunlight dances in its shaded pools. It is one of my favorite spots to walk and simply be.

Ho'oponopono with life

I found myself on a mountain. Just a little one. A mound, really. But the late sun was still on me and the sky was such a deep, azure blue and the breeze was so fresh and crisp. I was taking my dog out for her evening promenade. I closed my eyes.

Self Identity Ho'oponopono

The commitment to take personal responsibility for everything in my life has been hugely empowering. I struggled with this concept until I first heard about Dr. Len and Ho'oponopono. Then, while sifting through the resources in lesson 3, I found the article, Who's in Charge?, on the hooponopono.org web site. Reading this article really brought it all home for me.

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