Basics of Oneness

I have been a fan of Daniel Jacobs for a couple of years and an avid reader of the channeled material from The Reconnection, the group entity that he channels.   The below is somthing which came to my attention today and felt was very worth presenting on a blog entry here.


Enjoy.  It will make you make you twist yourself in knots in the process of understanding but will bring you out the other end of the knot a little bit wiser!







The Basics of Oneness

(Oneness Technology for a New Age)


1. All of life is a dream that is being experienced by the ONESELF.

2. As is usually the case in dream interpretations--every person, object, or situation that appears in the dream is an aspect of YOU, the Cosmic Dreamer, and your entire universe is your mirror.

3. You have chosen to incarnate into a physical universe. There is really only ONE PERSON here---one person who has divided him/herself into as many fragments of the ONESELF as are needed to portray a truth, feel a feeling, or learn more about the infinite Being which we all are.

4. Just as there are many fragments seen within a universe (uni=one), so are there an infinite number of universes contained within the MULTIVERSE, which is a "wherehouse" for the storage and keeping of All That Is.

5. Every person, object, situation, or location represents a VIEWPOINT for the Oneself to enjoy and observe the All That Is. You do not merely reside within a single physical body, though it may sometimes appear to be so. You are everywhere and you are everything.

6. Truth is also everywhere, and in everything. In the Multiverse, there is a universe that literally honors and embodies every single belief or system of belief imaginable (and then some). There is no such thing as disagreement within a multidimensional reality. There are only variations upon a common theme. At the heart of each theme is always YOU.

7. What separates each individual universe is the VEIL OF FORGETFULNESS, a semi-permeable membrane that surrounds each viewpoint and temporarily blocks remembrance of Self at all the other levels at which you exist. Like blinders on a horse, the Veil allows each separated viewpoint the freedom to experience its universe without being distracted by the other possibilities which are also available.

8. Time and Space exist as punctuation marks in a limitless composition that is being written by the Oneself. They are notations, regulating the beat and measure for a concerto which has played and which will be played throughout all eternity. All time is now. All space is here.

9. There is really only ONE Multiversal moment, divided into an infinite number of fragments, which are apportioned to as many universes as is required to embody everyone and accomplish everything imaginable (while always adding just a little bit more).

10. All of the above applies to YOU, the ONESELF Cosmic Dreamer, unless you say otherwise.


Quoted from Daniel Jacobs.




The whole article by Daniel Jacobs can be read here.


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In My Father's house are many mansions...

God is One....

I Am, the only begotten Son... (I am using the comma like Elizabeth has been using it with "I Am, that I Am"). It seems to turn it from an assumed proclamation of one individual to a more generalized proclamation, and then a definition of One. Maybe we could all just start listing every reference that comes to mind relating to this forum about One(ness).

The very secular and athiestic-leaning author of Course in Miracles made a huge deal of this notion of "only begotton son" and "there is only One". She said something to the effect that once you understand this, you understand everything.

Thank You Dearest Brother Berry,


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