Asteroid TU24 ~ Jan. 29, 2008

Good afternoon, Team ~

I have absolutely no idea if asteroid TU24 is a real threat to Earth, but I have received 2 emails (both included below) in the last 2 days requesting that we pray for the safety of all life on Earth.  (Perhaps we should pray for Mars, too.)  The asteroid should NOT make impact with Earth, thank goodness!  It is, however, the size of the Sears Tower and is expected to near Earth this Tuesday, January 29th.

I am not posting this information to instill fear in everyone ~ just want you to be informed in the event we experience some electromagnetic interferences/disturbances on Tuesday.

Love & light,

Penny  :-)


For more information on asteroid TU24, please check out this website:


I received the following email from Ann Albers, an angel communicator, yesterday:

Hi All,

I debated and debated about sending this email but I finally
decided to do so because I believe our prayers can affect change in
ways we can't even imagine.  If it does not resonate with you,
please just delete it. The regular newsletter will be sent on
schedule :)

As you know my personal focus in life is sharing the angel's wisdom
in ways that affect our practical day to day lives - relationships,
purpose, etc... however, every now and then guidance comes to pray
for something that could affect many on our planet and so I am
reaching out and asking you to join me in prayer.  This is
certainly not intended to inspire fear; our prayers are powerful.

The pieces of a puzzle started coming to me over a year ago. I was
guided to read a rather lengthy and boring book on how comets and
asteroids affected our ancient civilizations.  Six months ago I
couldn't sleep and was told to turn on the TV and there was a
special show on how asteroids and comets affected our planet.  Two
weeks ago I was dreaming of tidal waves.  One week ago a friend
mentioned a comet and asteroid that were flying nearby earth next
week, and just two days ago it came together when another friend
shared some information about TU24, an asteroid that is scheduled
to bypass the earth at rather close range - about one and a half
times as far away as the moon. 

It is not scheduled to impact earth but the angels say there is a
50/50 chance that it could cause mass disturbance and destruction.
They did not elaborate.  When I googled to read up on how this
could be, there are controversial websites describing how the thing
could be like a magnet, which, if lined up right would cause a lot
of electromagnetic disturbance, to say the least. It passes the
closest to earth at 12:33am pacific time on Tuesday morning 1/29

SO, the angels request with love that we pray for it to pass by us
without effect.

So (and I don't talk about this stuff much) I went into a deep
shamanic semi-trance like  prayer last night and flew out of body
to have a chat with the consciousness of TU24.  Whoever or whatever
that is - it was very mad at humanity.  It views humanity as an
irresponsible collection of beings trashing their planet and
sending destructive forces out irresponsibly into the universe (our
scientists DID blast comet Tempel 1 a few years ago 'to see what it
was made of').  It did not seem to understand our individual human
consciousness very well. It sees us as "one" responsible group.  It
wanted an apology for the pain we are causing on our planet and at
times, in the solar system.  So I apologized on behalf of humanity,
sang my prayers, and asked it to consider that there are many good
people here too. 

If you are inclined, please pray this passes without effect, and if
you are as weird as I am and willing, see if you can connect with
the consciousness that propels this asteroid on its path then
apologize for the behavior of  humanity.  Share your heart and
tell it there are good people upon the earth who care about the
environment and not trashing space.  I know this sounds odd but if
you are inclined, I know the angels would be grateful.  We have
free will and there are certain things they are not allowed to
intervene with unless we pray.  Then God can direct them to act on
our behalf.

Thanks for listening. If this does not resonate with you just
delete it.  I hear a lot of these things and ignore them but my
dreams have been intense as of late, and now with my friends coming
to me over and over I felt it was time to exercise our right to
choose with our prayers :)

thanks everyone,
You are the family of my heart.
Love and Blessings,
PMB #110
4757 E. Greenway Rd., #107B
Phoenix, AZ 85032

I received the following email from psychic medium Summer Bacon today:

Dear Friends,
I am not one to spread gloom and doom, and I apologize if this email comes across as such. However, there is a potentially serious situation happening right now that could possibly cause catastrophic problems for Planet Earth. I believe that you have the right to be informed.

Instead of attempting to paraphrase the situation, I will quote from one source of information that I believe is credible:

"January 26, 2008
Russia Warns On Catastrophic Earth Bound Asteroid
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
Russian Dr. Scientist Khabibullo Abdusamatov, Director of the space research lab at the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg, and who has previously warned about a coming Ice Age, today issued a report to the Kremlin warning of the potential affects to our Earth from an asteroid due to come dangerously close to our World in the next few days.
According to this report, Asteroid 2007 TU24, which has been measured at being 600 meters (2,000 feet) large, is due to pass within 540,000 kilometers (334,000 miles) of Earth on January 29th, and which is being described by NASA Scientist Don Yeomans as being '... the closest approach by a known asteroid of this size or larger until 2027.'
Though some reports emerging from the West are suggesting that NASA is 'greatly concerned' about Asteroid 2007 TU24 striking our Earth, Dr. Abdusamatov's report states that the greatest danger from this space object is the catastrophic effect it is having on our electromagnetic field and destabilizing our already in chaos Global weather patterns."
To give you an idea of how big TU24 is, it is the size of the Sears Tower. View the amazing video posted on

The main reason that I am sharing this information with you is not to instill fear, but simply to ask for your prayers for Mother Earth. For some of you it might sound silly, but I believe that we can, through prayer, ask TU24 to kindly bypass our planet, and remain at as much of a distance as it possibly can to keep our atmosphere and planet safe. In other words, I truly do believe that everything, animate or inanimate, has a life and a spirit. I believe in the Power of Prayer.

To watch a beautiful Tribute to Mother Earth created by Karl F. Mullings, go to

One last word: Did you know that on July 4, 2005, NASA attempted to blow up Comet Tempel 1, a comet that belongs to all of us? (I don't remember them asking for my permission or yours if they could blow up something that belongs to all of us.) Prayer groups gathered in an effort to divert NASA's missile away from the Comet. The next day NASA reported that it looked as if they were not as on target as they thought, and instead of a direct hit that exploded the Comet, they succeeded only in causing a serious "flesh wound." Dr. Peebles said that this Comet is part of the "electrical circuitry of the universe," and that to blow it up was like "catching a tiger by the tail." (Is it perhaps possible that TU24 is a fragment from Comet Tempel 1? Hmm...)

Together in prayer we can stop the insanity. Please, if you are so moved, join me in prayer for Mother Earth whenever, wherever and as often as you can. Pass this on to family and friends, but know in your heart that no matter what happens, all is in right order, and you are safe and loved by God and Spirit.

God bless you, indeed, and may January 29, 2008 pass without incident.

With love and gratitude,

© 2008 The Summer Bacon Institute Incorporated
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Thank you Penny for the heads-up! It appears that if there are effects on the earth from TU24, they will be electric in nature. Interesting that one commentator speculated there could be a Tunguska-type incident. I don't suppose it could be over Washington?

The electrical model of the universe is getting quite a lot of press right now. It explains many things that the conventional model can't. It will be interesting, if there are electrical discharges between the moving bodies, how the scientists will spin it. Assuming of course, anyone is left to spin anything.

My personal feeling is that nothing dramatic will happen.


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Like you, Dave, I feel that we are in no danger from this particular asteroid.  It may cause some electrical issues for us, but I don't fear its passing.

Love & light, Penny :-)

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Well, the flyby was last night about midnight local time, and we're still here. As far as I've seen the news this morning, nothing happened. I think this was just another example of how they're always shoving drama and fear at us.


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I invite everyone to be aware that the threat of an asteroid hitting planet Earth has been on the power elite agenda for many years. Please see for more on this. Remember that the many in the power elite want to keep us in fear to make it easier to manipulate us all. Let the sacred love flow!

With sacred love flowing,

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