Ho'oponopono with life

I found myself on a mountain. Just a little one. A mound, really. But the late sun was still on me and the sky was such a deep, azure blue and the breeze was so fresh and crisp. I was taking my dog out for her evening promenade. I closed my eyes. The music of the spheres was loud, and I marveled for a moment how such profound thoughts and energies can be released by such simple, common words:


I can't say it...you know...sometimes it washes over me, and I am so sorry. It melts me. It cleaves me. I failed you. I can never forget.


No, it's not enough. I adore you...not even close....worship you....no, that's not it at all....oh, how I love you! Will you just breathe with me now, just for a moment, Sacred Love? With me? I love you so!


It would mean so much. It is my dream, my one desire. Did I say that? Yes, forgive me! Allow me to forgive myself, and all the demons that haunted me. Forgive me so I may forgive!


Oh, God. This is bliss. Now I know. Oh, yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I came down from the mountain, glowing like Moses. Misty was pawing the ground, throwing mud on her dump and looking like a cartoon dog about to take off in a streak of white tempera paint. A lady walked by. I spoke to the dog and she came to heel, still sniffing the bushes. The lady and I wished each other a fine evening, and smiled. I didn't know her. I fed Misty a treat. There was a pale crescent moon. The sky was blue. Such a deep, azure blue.

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Thanks Dave,

I really appreciate your explication of this mystery.

Thank you,

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You're a doll, you are. No, not that kind. The real kind.

And real kind, too.


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Thank you Dave for another amazing wonderful beautiful ride in your ship

Love/Light, Chris

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