Pope Resigns

Hi, all.

This news story just hit this morning, and thought I'd check in with everyone here.  The first pope to resign in 700 years (I think the last was in the 1400's).  So, my first reaction was of great optimism and happiness.  I was never a fan of Benedict, and find that when I look at his picture, I have a physical reaction of dread and near nausea.  I don't know why - he just doesn't seem pope material.  (Say what you will, but I loved Pope John-Paul.  He seemed like a kind and gentle man.  Benedict... not so much.


Religion and Frustration

Good morning, all.

I had the radio on this morning on my way to work, and heard a disturbing blurb on the news about the Vatican.  It really got me upset, so I just wanted to vent for a second.  I know you'll not take offense or misunderstand me.  :)

In support of full disclosure, I am a former Catholic.  The last time I went to weekly mass was the Sunday before they elected the current Pope.  The man gives me shivers (the bad kind).  

Fulford with more Fantastic Global Stuff

Well folks, here's some more pretty amazing stuff from Benjamin Fulford.  He's a controversial figure, apparently with real connections in terms of information and power.  I can't decide whether he's genuine, a loose cannon with a crack in it, or a mixture of both.  Sometimes he comes out with things that appear to be bizarre in the extreme.  But, as Fred pointed out once, he has appeared in public with powerful people, and he is listened to by many.  In any case, I admit that I'm addicted to his blog postings.  Here's the latest one as of today, 10/14/09.  Note that he doesn't claim that e

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