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This news story just hit this morning, and thought I'd check in with everyone here.  The first pope to resign in 700 years (I think the last was in the 1400's).  So, my first reaction was of great optimism and happiness.  I was never a fan of Benedict, and find that when I look at his picture, I have a physical reaction of dread and near nausea.  I don't know why - he just doesn't seem pope material.  (Say what you will, but I loved Pope John-Paul.  He seemed like a kind and gentle man.  Benedict... not so much.


So I'm just wondering where people are on this story.  Good or bad?  My feeling is that Benedict could not contain the growing anger about the rampant pedophilia in the Church and he decided to bail out before it got too ugly... or too personal (I have suspicions about him, personally as well).  I read that a saint from long ago predicted that there would be 112 popes before the church would fall, and named each of them with attributes that have come close in every case.  The last, Peter of Rome, is now set to be named sometime in March.  For a person who believes that organized religion has done such damage to the psyches of its followers that they should all be tried for crimes against humanity, this "last pope" scenario is kinda cool.  For a recovering Catholic, with many friends and family still devout... it's a little on the scary side.  I hope whomever they choose can take apart the institution in a peaceful and loving way to set their people free to pursue their God in a way that makes each person light up. 


Curious to your thoughts on this.


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the pedofile prosecutors must be getting close.....

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Holy...!  I can't believe it!  I'm with you, Kathy.  Everytime I saw Benedict's picture I thought he looked like the epitome of evil.  I always wondered how his devotees couldn't see it.  Benedict is saying he is too old and unwell to be Pope.  Funny, his feeble predecessor didn't use that excuse.

Here are some other reactions:


My colleague Karen McVeigh has been speaking with advocacy groups for victims of the child sex abuse crisis that engulfed the Catholic Church during Pope Benedict XVI's tenure. They welcomed his surprise resignation:

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), an organisation of 12,000 members worldwide, claim Benedict is personally responsible for widespread abuse within the church because he chose to protect its reputation over the safety of children. US lawyers who are currently suing the pontiff and other high-ranking Holy See officials for systematically concealing sexual crimes around the world said his resignation may lead to more international prosecutions.

David Clohessy, executive director of SNAP, condemned the pope's "terrible record" on child sex abuse and said he hoped he would “finally show some courageous leadership on the abuse crisis” in his remaining days.

Clohessy told the Guardian: “Before he became Pope his predecessor put him in charge of the abuse crisis. He has read thousands of pages of reports of the abuse cases from across the world. He knows more about clergy sex crimes and cover-ups than anyone else in the church yet he has done precious little to protect children.”


(Reuters) - Catholics reacted with shock on Monday to the sudden abdication of Pope Benedict, although the mood among many was one of respect rather than the outpouring of emotion which greeted the death of his beloved predecessor John Paul II.

"It's what anyone else in any other job would have to do. I can't say I'm disappointed."

"It's an incredible thing, we need to see why he did it. I hope the church doesn't end up like Italian politics."

Germany had an awkward relationship with Pope Benedict, who was born Joseph Ratzinger in the small Bavarian town of Marktl in 1927. Adored by some but by no means all Catholics, he was ignored or actively disliked by many other Germans.

Germany's top-selling tabloid Bild lamented the departure of "our German pope" but the mood, even among Catholic churchgoers, was subdued.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, a Protestant pastor's daughter, was one of the few European leaders to contradict the pontiff in public, criticizing him in 2009 for the Vatican's rehabilitation of a bishop who had denied the Holocaust.

The German media was never as critical as some of the Anglo-Saxon press, which dubbed him "God's Rottweiler" and "Nazinger" because of his brief, involuntary membership in the Hitler Youth and military service in World War Two, when he was drafted from the seminary.

But Benedict's papacy gave rise to much dissent in the German church and he never enjoyed the wild popularity of the arguably more conservative John Paul II, whose anti-communism was credited with helping to bring down the Berlin Wall.

Another churchgoer asked it was a festive prank on German carnival's "Pink Monday".


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Pope resigns, scientist applies for job

In the wake of all the scandals and controversies, the Catholic Church could do worse than having a scientist as pope. So here's an application from one

Pope Benedict XVI
The Pope's resignation means the job is up for grabs, and anyone could be in with a chance if you ignore thousands of years of tradition. Photograph: Getty

To: The Vatican (HR Department)

Name: Dean Burnett

Date: 11-02-2013

Reference: Vacancy CCLXVI ('Pope')

CV: [Attached]


Dear Sir/Madam/Holy Ghost

I am very interested in applying for the recently announced vacancy for the position of pope. I am sure you've received many applications already, but I believe I would make an excellent candidate for the role as I could bring innovative new approaches and help increase diversity, which would have the effect of both motivating those involved in and enhancing the reputation of the organisation (i.e. The Catholic Church)

I have read the job description and although I admittedly do not meet all the specified essential criteria for the role (e.g. I do not regularly commune with God or any other unspecified deity) I feel that my strengths in other areas more than make up for my lack of direct experience.

Although I am not a practising member of the Catholic (or any other) Church, I am a qualified and enthusiastic scientist. I believe this makes me an ideal choice for the next pope, for a number of reasons. For example, I have had many jobs where it is compulsory to wear a white coat, and the wearing of long white garments appears to be the main duty of the pope. I also regularly lecture on the subject of neuroscience, so am extensively experienced at speaking in an unfamiliar language to rooms full of people who are struggling to stay awake, so it would be no trouble for me to offer Mass whenever required.

I am not a cardinal, but a recent check of my wallet reveals that I still have a membership cards for both GAME, Blockbuster Video and MVC, showing that I am clearly dedicated to declining institutions and have a robust if unrealistic belief in resurrection.

As an atheist scientist I cannot claim to be in regular contact with God per se, but I have regularly encountered professors with equivalent levels of power and influence who demand unquestioning obedience from those who serve them, so feel this has provided me with equivalent professional experience required for the position.

As a scientist pope, I could bring an element of rationalism and logic to the Catholic Church, which would better equip it to survive in more modern, enlightened times. I could provide numerous plausible-sounding theories as to the origins of the universe, life, evolution, human consciousness and any other area that the Church feels it should have influence over. Whereas most scientists require evidence and peer review before their theories can be accepted, my being the pope would mean I was infallible so I wouldn't have to go through this process; the simple act of me saying it would mean it is accepted by many as fact. This is a privilege enjoyed by only a few scientists, and one I definitely wouldn't abuse, scouts honour!

I have performed a number of miracles in recent years. For example, I have managed to sustain a career in science in present circumstances, despite having very few notable publications to my name and a disastrous history of high-profile embarrassments.

I have managed to remain in my post despite these numerous blunders, so I would be able to bring this experience to my duties as pope. I can also turn water into wine, which is viewed as more of a "classic" miracle. It takes some time as it involves me pouring the water onto grapevines before growing, picking, sorting, crushing, fermenting, maturing, bottling and selling. But overall, it's definitely water being turned into wine. With Science! (Unless that doesn't count as a miracle, in which case it's clearly magic).

I am not presently celibate, but as a teenager who was a big science fan with terrible acne, I am very familiar with the concept. I am also not a homosexual, as that would obviously exclude me from the role (NB. In the interests of transparency, I did once suck a penis, but I didn't inhale so it doesn't count). At the last count, I also have the required number of testicles to be pope (at least two). I also have experience with covering up crimes.

I believe these qualities and more make me an ideal candidate for the position, so I hope you will consider my application seriously. I realise the vacancy is somewhat above my pay grade, but I am looking for a higher paying position as I need money to provide for my family … I mean buy condoms … I mean jewels.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vestrum fideliter

Dean Burnett

P.S. What's the pension scheme like?

Dean Burnett will answer all prayers sent to him (if by "prayers" you mean "Tweets", @garwboy). If you'd like to comment on the pope's resignation, you can do so on our live blog

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          And after all that fuss selecting him! I never liked the look of him either ! My vote is for the scientist! Maybe he would start "Exploring" what lies beneath the Vatican!!!! That would make for a good series on the Discovery Channel!

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Yes, Kathy and Noa. I've had a similar sick feeling in my stomach when I've seen pictures of this guy. I strongly suspect he not only protected pedophiliac priest, but that he also was one, possibly big time. Yet I also want to find in my heart the ability to recognize the he, too, is a beautiful divine being who on the deepest levels just wants to love and be loved. And I will do anything I can to stop the destructive behavior he was and possibly still is involved in.

With much love and warm wishes,

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Good greetings to All:

I found this article interesting and a good overview of the backstory. The Pope is only one of the players in this organization. http://bangordailynews.com/2013/02/17/religion/pope-benedict-xvis-leaked...

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  I got about halfway in and couldn't read anymore!

  This would be a great time to start a soap opera about the Vatican!  Can you see the dollar signns in my eyTongue outes?

Haha Tscout... only funny if it is not affecting your physicality directly. 

I found the politics and intrigue to be interesting as it explains just saying it was the "Pope" is not really addressing the whole issue which is made up of many little issues all wearing the cloth. 

I had no idea how the vatican ran... only it did and with politics but the whos and whys I was not aware of.  Seems not much has changed about this organization since the beginning.  The politics read like that of Rome before its conversion to "Christianity" and then the fall of Rome-- say the power players migrate to the Vatican.  It is interesting how entangled world politics are with the Vatican.




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     I love that picture of you!...... I also found the story intriguing, It makes sense, giving "promotions" as "demotions"to get someone out of the center of the power structure. I'm sure they're not the first to have done it. Still, I had to cut out about halfway through, as the bigger picture is what has kept me sane these days. It is a good sign, seeing the Vatican start to crumble, they are one of the last ones to be infiltrated and exposed at the center of their power structure, as like you said, they have been around for a very long time. So, I stopped reading for the same reason i don't keep up on politics, or the war machine anymore.It will all play out.Actually, I'm trying to practice something you posted last year,,,        Make the choice to exist in a state of total detachment.  Please seek to remain untethered to the drama which surrounds you, harbor and express few opinions and avoid engaging in conflict of any sort.  Stay as an observer, as though you are watching a play unfold upon a stage.  You may find it entertaining and somewhat shocking, but be of the knowledge that it has nothing to do with you, this other story.  None of it is happening on your chosen timeline, and thereby none of it is actually occurring in your own life.  The casual observer has the ability to remain neutral and centered, his energy free-flowing, clear and unblocked.  There are no obstructions to the alchemical abilities of the neutral ones.  Abundance flows freely.  -- 

     So, I think it's great that people will start to see that the Vatican is no different than any other of  the major powers on Earth, full of  greed, deceit, and the thirst for power and control. And once that part of it unfolds, and the doors beneath the vatican are opened, my interest will be rekindled, as I would love to see what's down there!!  

SO LET THE DRAMA UNFOLD!  I'll be around if they need me,,,,,,,,L,,,,,,,T

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February 18, 2013

Power, responsibility for world changes; Pope Benedict’s resignation; Vatican history; North Korea’s nuclear test; cost of war, random violence; employment, productivity transition to peace; status of women and gays; seven decades of progress



With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Since the December solstice the vast majority of Earth’s population has been tending to respective responsibilities and pursuing usual interests. The believers in the doomsday theory connected with the end of the Mayan calendar are feeling a tad foolish, yet relieved if the truth be told.


None of them knows what you do, that during the in-surge of light those few weeks ago Earth took her first steps into fourth density. Many of you still are feeling disappointed, even discouraged, because nothing of apparent change took place, and it is especially these dear ones whom we want to uplift and give renewed confidence.   


Think of a newborn babe, who comes with specific talents, skills, interests, independent thoughts and goals.  That “package of potentials” isn’t at all evident in the infant’s earliest days; however, as this little person grows, the innate abilities start to emerge and with proper nurturing, they bloom with ever greater creativity and polish.     


It is the very same process with Earth’s Golden Age, so recently birthed, and its “package of potentials.” The light intensity in your world has made this infant era extraordinarily “fertile,” you could say, making it easier now than ever before for the fruits of your labors to flourish.


This is a time to feel positive, optimistic, enthusiastic and victorious—you mastered the difficult stages of Earth’s ascension! Her leaving third density when she did was preordained, but the many millions among you who are slumbering to one extent or another might not have made it. 


But they did, and it is with thanks both to the in-pouring of light during the solstice and to your radiance.  Your light was essential then and it is just as essential now as you move forward in your world co-creating process. 


All along you have had not only the power, but the responsibility to make your world whatever you want it to be.  In the continuum that glorious world is fait accompli, but in linear time your mission goes on. And what comes next is exceedingly fulfilling and gratifying—restoring to Earth and all her residents peace, health and harmony. You mustn’t “fall down on the job” by letting disillusionment dim your light!    


Indeed your universal family has helped immensely throughout Earth’s ascension process and they continue to do so in the many ways we have enumerated. Just as Earth’s entry into fourth density during the solstice was preordained, so was all of that extraterrestrial help—both are major provisions of the Golden Age master plan that was established in consonance with Gaia’s vision for Earth. 


Because your family’s light is more intense than yours and their technologies are far advanced of your own, their assistance has been and will continue to be in ways that are beyond your current capabilities. However, the pace of society’s progress always has been determined by the planet’s collective residents—it can be no other way because it is your world.


Let us speak for a moment about some recent developments—first, Pope Benedict.  A most unusual event indeed, a pope resigning, and the announced reason, “advanced age,” is factual in a way.


The pope seen publicly is a clone. Because it is aging rapidly and its energy is ebbing, it will not be able to function much longer and replacement clones are hard to come by these days.  That is why the pontiff himself, who looks healthier and younger than the clone, will remain in seclusion.  Depending upon his life span and the timing of the truth about clones coming forth, he may be seen later on looking quite refreshed.  


The significance of this resignation is much more far reaching than a failing clone—it cracks open the door to truths that have been hidden for centuries, such as pedophilia in the priesthood has been rampant for over 1500 years. 


The Vatican, which has been a major world player under the Illuminati umbrella, is the international headquarters of Satanism, and its untold wealth includes stolen art treasures acquired in collaboration with Nazis during World War II. Any pope who raised an objection to the mammoth deceit, unconscionable behavior and amassing of fortunes was short-lived. 


Yet, possibly the most shocking revelation will be the disclosure of ancient records that will show how the Bible long ago was strategically altered—most notably the fabricated story about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection—to give the church control over the Catholic populace. 


When all of that becomes public knowledge, the Vatican’s long reign will be over. The crumbling will be extremely sad and difficult for Catholics, but all devout Christians will be profoundly affected by learning that the foundation of their lives was built on lies.


Compassion for all of those souls can help them accept that the truth about Jesus’ life and teachings is far more valuable than what they have been taught. Their beliefs that are based in spirituality rather than in dogma will endure and the rituals based on falsehoods will fade away.  


Media around the world also have been abuzz about North Korea’s nuclear test. Launching a missile is one thing, exploding a warhead is quite another, and that test was not nearly as effective as that country would like the world to think. However, like Iran, North Korea is considered “rogue” and a threat that could lead to a nuclear war.    


You know that there will be no such war and no attempt to detonate a nuclear warhead in space will be successful, but few others know that. So how to reduce the perceived dire threat those two countries pose is on the world stage, and in the United States it is sharing the spotlight with gun violence.


Beyond the personal tragedies of all who are directly affected, violence deeply touches the global conscience. As conscious and spiritual awareness continues expanding, all will understand that violence breeds only more violence, never harmony or cooperation or respect. Some scattered bellicose chatter will continue for a while, but increasing emphasis on negotiating differences eventually will result in international disarmament.  


The incentive to stop warring and random violence goes beyond ending widespread death and grief. The other costs of war—devastation of land and natural resources, destruction of homes, businesses, infrastructure—and of random violence—law enforcement, legal and court proceedings, prisons—is a gargantuan collective expense.


Throughout your world many millions are languishing in prisons because they were captured in war or are incarcerated by unfair laws, corrupt judicial systems, excessively harsh penalties for minor offenses, wrongful conviction or mental disorders. This shameful blot on your history will be cleared in stages as will treating mental illness as long as that condition is an aspect of life.  


Funds no longer needed to perpetuate or defend against violence will be directed into areas of critical need like education and health care; energy technologies; innovative business growth; repair and maintenance of roads, rails and bridges; environmental reclamation.


Citizens’ demands for those and other kinds of improvements will force governments to take action. Industries that now fuel war machines will convert their manufacturing processes to other types of production, and employees who need training in fields of their choice will receive it.


In our last message we touched upon equal rights for women and in numerous messages we have said that souls in a third density civilization must attain balanced lifetime experiencing so they can evolve into fourth density. Relegating women to an inferior status was a primary factor in Earth’s spiraling down from fifth density to deep third and staying stuck there.


The karmic merry-go-round kept giving women who were maltreated in one lifetime the opportunity to attain balance in other incarnations by being the oppressors.  And so it went millennia after millennia until finally women started inching forward permanently in their fight to obtain an education, to vote, to organize, to speak their minds despite social stigma.    


In most countries today women are rightfully recognized as indispensable contributors to society. Homemaking and motherhood no longer is a presumed role—the choice to not marry or to not have children is equally honored.  Millions of women are successfully combining family life with university attendance or careers.  


Women are distinguishing themselves in fields formerly considered the province of men such as engineering, science, electronics and research, and they are holding political office, owning small businesses or heading corporations. 


Many reform movements around the world have been initiated by women. In countries where their civil and God-given rights still are denied, brave individuals are taking bold steps toward ending that cruel unjustness and  social media have given global supportiveness to their determined efforts.


The same is true for gay people, who also have long been denied the respect, dignity, opportunities and rights that heterosexuals enjoy.  In cultures where that status still is afforded only to men, honoring the rights of gay people will come slowly, just as for women. Eventually everyone will know that homosexuality is an advanced stage of spiritual growth wherein feminine and masculine energies are more balanced than in heterosexual persons.


Achieving peace and full rights for all citizens will lag in the hardcore regions of conflict and oppression—notably the Middle East, some African countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and North Korea.  Many of those countries must resolve difficulties due to tribal, religious, caste, gender, cultural and political differences as well as those groups’ economic disparities.


You may think it ironic that the clamor for violence reduction and the rights of women and gay couples is highly publicized in the United States, yet that country’s mainstream media omit what is reported in other “free” countries. For instance, there has been nothing about the arrests of many bankers and other influential individuals in Europe and there’s never been a peep about the obvious presence of spacecraft. 


The Rothschild faction of the Illuminati, which governed its empire from London and the Vatican, lost its media foothold along with its other powers in that part of the world. A section of the Illuminati’s Rockefeller faction, headquartered in Washington, DC, and New York City, still has influence on major media in the US as well as on Wall Street; and their lingering foothold in Congress is evident in the intransigence that has stagnated progress.


Yes, we know that for the most part, what we have been speaking about is not new information.  So why did we recount those things that you know well? Because you need to think about how far you have progressed since Earth’s ascension started!  


Those seven decades back the conviction was that killing the “enemy” was a patriotic duty.  Many, many millions eagerly went forth into battle, supported in both spirit and war machinery production by their civilian counterparts. Today the desire of overwhelming numbers around the world is to end bloodshed and live peacefully together.     


In the late 1930s, the heavy hand of darkness controlled everything that impacts life on Earth—governments, the economy, commerce and industry, teachings in churches and schools, laws and justice systems, the media, the environment.  Very few persons questioned decisions made by any of those authoritative bodies.


Now there is widespread questioning of authorities’ motives and opposition to decisions and actions that are against the common good.  Think of the massive amount of corruption, deceit, and depravity that your efforts have “brought to light.” Think of how you have brought the world’s attention to brutality and unjustness that used to be silently endured. 


You need to feel encouraged by and grateful for the dramatic advancements and you need to give yourselves credit for your contributions. Recognizing accomplishments is not hubris, it is a source of inspiration and motivation to keep on until the mission is completed.  You may not be in the forefront of progressive moments, but please never forget the power of your thoughts and feelings!  


To quote from our last message: Just as before—always!—Earth’s residents’ journeys depend upon the choices each makes, and the cumulative choices make up the collective consciousness.  So, it is your thoughts, passionate feelings and actions that will set Earth’s pace from now on. Whether that is happily humming through fourth density or soaring like an eagle, Gaia is jubilant—the exceptionally difficult leg of the ascension is over! 


It is as imperative now as before to focus on what you want in your world, not on what you don’t want!  Please do not lament conditions that are distressing or disparage individuals who don’t share your views.  Instead, let your thoughts and feelings be about life in harmony with Nature and an abundance of goodness for everyone.   


Steadfastness in the light hastens Earth’s pace toward the healthy, beautiful tranquil world that already exists in the continuum.  How we wish that you could see the magnificence of your co-creation just as we do! 


The unconditional love and honor of light beings throughout this universe is with you now and evermore. 





Suzanne Ward




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Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms





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It would be great if the international court which convicted these people had any recognized legal standing. As it stands, this only a symbolic conviction but it serves to bring some things to light.

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"If we only knew what Illusion is, we would then know the opposite: what Truth is. This Truth would liberate us from slavery."

It reminds me of what a Buddhist teacher, Anam Thubten, said:  "You could say that Awakening is the ability to recognize thought as thought."  In other words, if you recognize that thoughts, as they occur, are only thoughts and not reality, then you know what Reality is.

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