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Are jokes blogs or forum topics or what or does it matter? Any way, since the pope is coming to the U.S. this seems like a timely tickle...

The pope flew into New York City and a limousine and driver were sent to pick him up. As the pope approached the vehicle he turned to the driver and said, "You know I used to be a very good driver before the church furnished me with a chauffeur. I still have my license; it's non expiring. It's only been a few years since I've been behind the wheel. I really would love to drive the limo to the hotel." The driver, between a rock and hard cross, gulps, thinks fast, and squeezes out, "Pope, Your Sacredness, there's nothing I'd like better than turning the keys over to you. I have explicit orders that if I ever let anyone drive the limo I am out of a job." Pope, "My son, your boss could not refuse my explanation and would not fire you knowing that I asked you. I will protect you." Driver sweating, "Your Most Worshipfulness, I thank you for that. New York City traffic is the worst anywhere in the country any time of the day or night. There are several entrances and exits between here and the hotel, not to mention cops." Pope Bene, "My son, don't you know that we have the Great Navigator with us always. We will be Divinely protected. Nothing bad can happen to us. Besides, you'll never have the chance to experience Divinity like this again." The driver tossed him the keys and got in the back.

The pope settled in behind the wheel, turned the key, and lead footed it out of the airport. They barely got a couple of miles when flashing lights pulled up behind them. The limo pulled onto the shoulder and stopped. The cop got out with his ticket pad and walked up to the driver's window. The pope lowered his window and the cop looked at the pope, choked, hemmed and hawed and said, "Excuse me, Sir, I'll be right back." He walked back to the squad car, sat down and radioed headquarters asking for the sergeant. "Ah, Sarge, you'll never guess who I just pulled over for speeding. Sergeant, "Oh, no, tell me you didn't pull over the mayor." "No, Sir, he's bigger than that." Sergeant, "If you have the governor, I'll have your badge!" "No, Sarge, he's bigger than that." Sarge, "Bigger than the governor! There's no way you could have pulled over the President of the United States." "No, Sarge, he's not the President." Sarge, "Who could be bigger than the President?" Driver, "I'm not sure but the Pope is his chauffeur."

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thanks for the chuckle Kate!

and regarding your question... there is of course a forum for jokes...

at the same time i think you are free to inject humor anywhere you are inspired to do so...


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Thanks Kate, I always love a good giggle!

Love U

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